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Have you heard what the city of St. Petersburg, Florida has just been crowned? It has been dubbed the title of the saddest city in the country, according to Men’s Heath Magazine. When I first heard this I was completely stunned, too! How could a city as beautiful as ours that has the sun shining the majority of the year be so sad? The results stated that this ranking was based on suicide rates, unemployment, crime, and the percentage of households that use antidepressants.

Personally, I feel that Men’s Health Magazine did not get all of the needed information to accurately make this ranking. I asked other St. Petersburg College students their opinion of the ranking as well. Christina Lossa is a St. Petersburg native, and does not agree with the ranking at all. She says “They have based their ranking on not enough information to make this believable for me.” Another SPC student Ally Phillips, who is also a native, adds “All cities in our country are going through hard times right now, and I don’t think that calling any city out benefits anyone at all!”

After hearing many SPC students voice their opinion, I believe as a country we should have a more positive attitude. Instead of focusing on sad cities do a rank of cities that are doing everything they can to make this a better planet. In result, more cities would be motivated to do more to benefit others. After hearing this information as students of St. Petersburg College, I hope that you do your part in making this city the most enjoyable place to live.

by Jessica Butler, sports crazed enthusiast with a drive for living

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