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Bringing Arts Back to SPC Seminole Campus


Seminole- Students have noticed a colorful, new art showcase draping the halls of the Seminole Campus. For students who haven’t seen it yet, no need to fret! It will be up until mid-November. For all of you art junkies, keep in mind that SPC always has fine arts events going on. Plays, dances, concerts, and constant exhibits are shown at any of the main SPC campuses; just keep a lookout for the advertisements. Best of all, most of these are usually FREE to students! (Notice how there is no asterisk on FREE!).

The one of the main goals is to inspire students with art. This show is part of the initiative the college has on bringing back a focus on the arts. Prof. Basil Moutsatsos, Academic Chair for Humanities, said “SPC Seminole used to have more art shows a few years ago, now we’re trying to bring some back for the benefit of the students and the community.”

Teddy Cogley-18, a student in his 2nd year at SPC, said he enjoyed the art show and found it “cool” that we had something new and interesting on campus to look at. “I like the one with the music notes and the flower painted on it because you can see the background is a page of an actual song” he said, “It makes me want to just steal it and learn the song.” The painting he was referring to is “Tulip on Old Music” by Ronn Johnson pictured to the right.

This show features 11 artists belonging to The Exhibiting Society of Artists (TESA), a professional, not-for-profit organization, whose purpose is to promote original, contemporary art and artists in our community. This is the first time TESA exhibits at Seminole Campus but not the first time they did a showcase at SPC. Since it is a starting show, it is a medley of different artists, styles, and mediums intended to raise awareness of local artists, entice students and spark their artistic interests. The artists featured are Dee Suhr, Brandy Stark, Rob Wright, Bettina Schott, A.J. Miller, Ronn Johnson, Boo Ehrsam, Judith Curtis, Rosemarie Chanin, Tony A. Blue, and Karen Baker. The pieces were chosen by the artists, then members of the Humanities, Fine Arts, and Digital Media department, as well as Seminole Campus staff all helped decide where and how the art would be displayed.

One of the main organizers of the showcase is Dr. Brandy Stark, a member of TESA and full-time Humanities and Religious Studies professor here at SPC, who is also one of the artists featured in the show. She says “It is one of my personal goals to bring in community artists to the campus and to bring artists and students together.” This point was brought home when an “art demo” was held at Seminole’s own Nature Walk on Oct. 26th. Keep a look-out for the upcoming review of the art demo. The works of art displayed in the UP building at Seminole, including Dr. Brandy Stark’s beloved wire sculptures, will be on display until Nov. 18th for any of you who haven’t seen it.

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