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“Wanna be in the cool club?!” JOIN A CLUB! St. Petersburg College offers more clubs and activities than you probably are aware of! Clubs are a great way to get involved in activities that will boost your career and a great way and meet new people who have similar interests. Here is some interesting information about some of the great clubs we offer here at the Seminole Campus SPC.

Student Music Club

Have a love for music? Want to learn about new artists? The Music club allows students to create a database of songs (uploaded by any user) on their main club page via Angel. This is a very good way to expose people to all different kinds of music. They also have a discussion board, which allows any member to come in and start a conversation from home. The students also and organize monthly meetings. “We like to discuss what our goals will be, as well as any events that people may be interested in starting/attending. Last semester (Spring), a few of us got together at the Pavilion on the Seminole campus and brought our guitars and just had some fun,” explained a member.

With new members interested in joining comes more opportunities. “We would really love to get our name out there and have more individuals attend meetings. More people at the meetings will lead to future events, such as jam sessions or just hanging out,” said Justin Woodward. The students have even discussed a possibility of a “Battle of the Bands” for those musically gifted. Tony Smith is the Club leader. He helps organize and facilitate the students with a meeting place and supervisor.

“Our goal of the club is to provide a friendly community where individuals may go to share their love for music, whether they are guitar masters or shower singers. It is a really neat place to hang out an get involved, as well as meet new people that may share the same joy for music that you do.”

Overall, the club would like to create an environment where students can feel that they belong to a group that shares that same passion for music.  People can share songs, discuss new bands, or just make plans in general. “To me, the club represents that group where there is no worry about making a meeting or getting worked up about future events, problems that may exist in a usual club. It is just a place to enjoy music!” Justin exclaimed. “Meeting new people increases my collection of music. It also helps to meet people that may want to have a small group event that is music related. In all, the club is just a laid back, fun environment for everyone.”

Contributed by Brandy Tottle. Fashion model extraordinare, Miss Tottle is a devoted student of philanthropy, whodunits and how to write up legally binding wills. Her goal is to establish the world’s largest zebra preserve. Dr. Seuss is her inspiration to live and Brad Pitt is her “future husband.”  She would love to hear your feedback; please posts comments below.

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