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Internet free life, Just add SOPA

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Considering how many people use per day there isn’t much chance than anyone missed the black bar covering the famous “google” logo.

What you may not know is the truth about SOPA , or the Stop Online Piracy Act. Many internet enthusiasts will have its users believe that google, adult videos, facebook, twitter, and e-life as they exist now are going to be ended.

How much of this is true?

Section 102.a.2 permits the attorney general to take action against foreign sites (i.e., sites that do not fall under U.S. jurisdiction) if “the owner or operator of such Internet site is facilitating the commission of [copyright infringement].”

To many, this probably seems like a good thing. People are taking copyrighted things aka stealing, right? Unfortunately, since the internet is a new frontier so many sites would fall under this jurisdiction.

Consider for a second “doppleganger” week on facebook. Almost everyone had a copyrighted image as their default. This authority, if given, to the Attorney General would allow him to take action against any one of those facebook users.

Facebook would be force to shut down for 5 days in order to rid itself of copyrighted material, if it wasn’t shut down forever.

This is an extreme example, but in a country where free speech is so important, it needs contemplation.

Legislation is not always clear on its interpretation, and SOPA is one of the most convoluted bills written in the last five years. (And that’s saying something!)

One of the most essential factors in the bill is the specification of “intellectual property”, which the bill hopes to keep from piracy. This vague terminology can quickly give heed to all types of e-material.

Can SallysingsitLoud0202 no longer sing her favorite Jewel song without the threat of legal ramifications?

Can MichealJNo1Fan no longer twitter links to his videos?

The short answer is: NO. If this bill makes it through, they will be stopped.

Say goodbye to O’ reilly’s flip out, song lyrics, and tumblr…

If you don’t act now!


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