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Obscuration at the Clearwater Campus


Summer in Venice by Tina Koufas-Eisbacher


SPC Student Exhibition: Photography “Obscuration” is on display at the Clearwater Campus in the Crossroads Gallery, free from: Feb. 21-March 15, Mon-Thurs 9am-9pm, Fri 9am-2pm, and closed weekends. Reception: Wednesday, Feb. 29, 6 to 8 p.m.

Featured artists include: Heather Allen, Tina Koufas-Eisbacher, Keith Parsons, Patrick Smith, Ashley Springbob, Vincent Dippolito, Grace Dvornik, Melissa Van Schooten, Bethany Reed, Melissa Bistrican, Christina Ruperto Viani, Stephanie Tormey, Catherine Cash, Leslic Upham, Jill Shepard, Shawna Henthorne, Maria Albornoz, Ashlee Barber, Andy Bravo, Karen Dawson, David Smith, Alla Mason, Vikki Mann, Ange Steven,  Darren Beistle, Marin Scrimshaw, Emelle Lee, and Leon Rose Ketchum.

Entering the gallery and looking to the left at the photograph “Infinity” by Ange Steven, provides spectators with an idea as to what to expect in this exhibition constructed by our students. At first glance, this piece looks like a field with legs of an animal in the center of it; although, stepping back allows one to see the horse in the photo, which sets the obscure mood for this exhibition.

When looking at the right of the gallery, emotion may hit onlookers when observing “Conform” and “Remembering” by Karen Dawson. These photos are showing a dress, whose skirt portion is red, white, and blue, hanging on a fence in the first one and showing the dress again hanging on a tree in the second photo. “The Truth is a Battle of Perceptions” by Ashlee Barber, will cause a hand to the chin, perhaps covering the mouth a little while observing someone shoving a bible in a woman’s mouth or removing it, depending on the viewer’s opinion. “Surrender to the Music” and “Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul” by Ashlee Barber give feelings of tranquility among feelings of mixed emotions from the other artist’s work. Her photos show a ballet dancer’s legs and shoes as she is up on her toes in the first one and a dancer in motion in a black leotard in the second. The flow of the photos continues to shock, amaze, and leave an observer with inquiring feelings about the meanings behind each photo, throughout the gallery. The artist’s use of color, space, motion, color value, black and white value, and obscuration allow a viewer to see the artist’s imagination at work.

The art work that makes a spectator think is the art that is worth making! Pieces like, “Untitled”—women floating in mid-air on a street in an old fashion town—by Grace Dvornik and “Someone Stop the Puppeteer” by Heather Allen, will make a person wonder how or why things are occurring the way they are in the photograph because placement or actions seem unreal. The woman in mid-air does not look like she is falling making the photo look surreal, forcing the mind to question how Dvornik made it look as if the women is floating. Heather Allen’s piece must be seen in person to get the full effect of her art; the size of the composition is marvelous and captivating. The strings from the ceiling and the way the photos progress will make a spectator want to start from the far left and work around to the right, a number of times; then stand back just to soak in the configuration and see the artist’s vision.


These are only a select few of the sixty-three photographs on display at the SPC-Clearwater Campus, until March fifteenth. Get to Clearwater and see what our class mates are taking photos of in the exhibit “Obscuration”! This is the perfect title for this exhibit being hosted by the Crossroads Gallery because the act or operation of obscuring is happening in a vivid and emotional manor in all of the photos on display, it is a must see!!

Clearwater Campus address: 2464 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL. 33765.  Ph. # 727-791-2548

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