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Act of Sacrifice, Act of Valor


by Tony Billman, Film major at SPC Seminole

Special Forces in our military have been around since the beginning of their respective branches. Our special forces help complete missions that can change the course of any conflict or prevent them. It is a very rare occasion to ever hear or see these men in action.

The film Act of Valor is a look into one mission of active duty Navy SEALs. Their mission begins as a simple rescue mission to recover a captured CIA agent investigating a drug cartel. Upon completion of this mission, they begin to see a plot to destroy America from the inside.

Given all the conflicts and battles we have faced over the last ten years, this film stands as a reminder of what these men and women of our armed forces give to protect our freedoms and liberties. Every day more and more people make that one choice that sets them apart from the rest of the world. It takes a lot of courage to step up during a time of war to enlist in the military. This film is a brief but accurate representation of what sacrifices and hardships our armed forces go through. Going on missions where there is a chance that you may not come back from, and missing out on important events such as your child being born into this world. This film shows that and more. What sets this particular film apart from any other military films is that it was filmed with real Navy SEALs as the main characters.

When making a military film, it is important to get the details right to an extremely small degree. The details in this film are flawless (speaking from a military point of view) and the execution is amazing. Viewers can get a sense of this when at certain points of the film you can see everything from the soldier’s point of view, something that has not been seen in a film since the movie Doom.  We see a lot in the media about the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan even on our home front but never have we seen it from a soldier’s point of view. This film brings a lot of things home even for someone like me who has served and understands loss and struggle and making those decisions that can affect the lives of everyone around me. People who watch this film will get a better understanding of our men and women who lay down their lives for our safety and our freedoms. It takes an act of valor to do what they do every day. Rating: A+

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