Great Eats at Gibbs!


by Lila Timson, SPC student and epicure!

When the 2011 school year came to a close, so did the old SPC Gibbs Campus café that many students had grown accustomed to. In its place, a new café, equipped with a new staff, new menu and new atmosphere. In some ways, the new café is everything that the old wasn’t, but to some, it can be seen as a less impressive replacement.

If you’ve already made your way to the new café, then you’ve certainly noticed the absence of the salad bar. Granted, sometimes in the old café, it seemed a little disheveled, but it was nice to have the option to build your own salad. As Fernanda Hernandez; a fan of the salad bar, states, “I loved the salad bar a lot! It was my favorite lunch. I got it almost every day.” Now, if you want a salad, your options are limited to the basics. What are the basics? Lettuce, tomato, or are there no salad fixings at all?

Another obvious change is the serious price increase. In the old café, the average cost of lunch on the menu was $3.75. Now you’d be lucky to find a decent sized lunch for $5.75. So, maybe the prices have gone up considerably, but why? Maybe it’s the new quality of food. At times, the old café’s grilled chicken tasted a little weird, but this café’s grilled chicken is always exemplary. Student Christine Masone refers to the old café’s chicken as, “slimy.” “This new chicken isn’t cheap, but hey- it’s pretty good,” she says.

Upon walking into the new café, you’ll also notice that the atmosphere about it has changed. No longer do you have to wait for your food and then wait in a long line to pay. Now you pay up front, take your ticket, and then wait wherever you choose for your food to be ready. It’s a much more orderly system now. When you do pay, you’re greeted by a team of very friendly staff, eager to serve you and very accommodating- sometimes tweaking a dish to the customer’s wants.

While it’s missing a few things, the new café has picked up a few pretty neat qualities too. Like most things in life, you’ve got to take the positives of the new café with the negatives. So, next time your stomach starts growling on the Gibbs campus, give the new café a try!

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