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The 14th Annual Juried SPC Student Exhibition Hosted by The CrossRoads Gallery at The SPC/Clearwater Campus


The 14th Annual Juried SPC Student Exhibition at the CrossRoads Gallery on the SPC Clearwater Campus is comprised of twenty- nine student created art pieces. Photographs, screen prints, silver gelatin prints, and a few mixed media compositions line the gallery walls. Two ceramic pieces, including an oversized chess board, are on display as well. The artwork on display is being juried by a member of the Ceramics Department of the University of Florida School of Art and Art History, Raymond Gonzalez, who is known for his ceramic “Collectables” and has been featured in the publication Ceramics Monthly. The prize winning composition will be announced at the reception on April 4th, 2012, from 6pm to 8pm.

Featured artists include: Marissa McCaskey, Jose Monzon-Aguitte, Heather Allen, Megan Walker, Latara Williams, Patrick Smith, Gene Prine, Jaci Salisbury, Melissa Van Schooten, Roy Livingston, Khand (K.D.) Truong, Christina Ruperto, Stephanie Torney, Patience Melton, Leslie Upham, Andy Bravo, Jill Shepard, Shawna Henthorne, Maria Albornoz, Ashlee Rose Barber, Allyson Leja, Karen Dawson, David Smith, Trevor Marada, Amelia Brown, Kelly Young, Darren Beistle, Maria Scrimshaw, Emelle Lee, and Nicole L. Weave

Opportunity’s Disguise by Shawna Henthorne

Some of the compositions on display were in the last exhibition held by the CrossRoads Gallery.  The exhibition, Obscuration, caused a lot of hand-to-chin-observation due to the obscure photos that were titled with hidden meanings. One of the favored works from Obscuration that was chosen to be on display in the juried show is “Truth is Battle of Perceptions” by Ashlee Rose Barber. The piece shows a woman getting a bible shoved in her mouth or being taken out of her mouth depending to the viewer’s perception of the piece. Another,  “The Chair is Against the Wall” by David R. Smith, is interesting as well, because the chair is not actually against the wall, leaving  the viewer to wonder what the artist is trying to say.   At first glance, the photo “Opportunity’s Disguise” by Shawna Henthorne, appears to be a pair of overalls on a step-latter.  When one looks closely at the photo however, other details ernerge such as tools and work boots and the photo takes on another meaning. Viewers  must brace themselves before observing “Believe” by Maria Scrimshaw. The image of a bruised up boy in a closet combined with the title might cause viewers to feel uneasy.

So Lonesome I Could Cry by Roy Livingston

Starting from the right of the gallery, the photos on display are black and white and are underwater or have water in them; these photos were in the Obscuration exhibition as well. The mixed-media pop out book, “So Lonesome I Could Cry” by Roy Livingston, is the last piece on display in this section, containing poetry with accompanying illustrations. As one rounds the corner, the piece “Self Portrait of my Creative Personality” by Trevor Marada, comes into focus taking up the entire wall. Marada’s piece will force an observer to take a step back to see all of the details.

Tranquility by Maria Scrimshaw

Another piece, “Oxidation” by Latara Williams, shows Williams’ skill in photography by focusing on a single rusted screw while making the rest of the photo somewhat blurry. Meanwhile, Maria Scrimshaw displays her skills in the craft of collage construction with the composition “Tranquility”, composed  of  magazine cut outs and other colored pieces of paper that come together to from a single, unified image.  Viewers’ should not pass by “The Archaic Bridge” by Christina Reperto, showing an eerie bridge from an intriguing angle, making the bridge appear to lead into the sky.

Your Move by Megan Walker

Your Move by Megan Walker

The following section has a large composition on display on the floor that is sure to catch a chess lover’s attention. “Your Move” by Megan Walker is an oversized chess board made of ceramic tiles contains each chess piece’s names carved on to the corresponding tile indicating their positions. The pieces themselves are each hand-crafted ceramic figures, and each one is in a different battle position.  Viewers should take the time to observe each piece, because they are all different.

Your Move by Megan Walker

Your Move by Megan Walker

For a chess lover this work of art is hard to resist touching! The pillows and the large scale of the board are very inviting, and will make a chess lover want to play a game while overlooking the court yard at the SPC/Clearwater campus. The other two compositions in this section are an acrylic painting of a lantern on steps with impressive shadowing, and a photograph of a bedroom with one side of the bed unmade.

Alice Illusions by Jose Monzon-Aguitte

The distinct words, “who are you”  in the linoleum relief print “Alice Illusions” by Jose Monzon-Aguitte, sets the mood for the last section of the gallery.

Sailing Memories by Gene Prine

Starting with Maria Scrimshaw’s “Believe”, a feeling of questioning as to what happened to the boy in the closet begins to set in, followed by confusion by the title “Believe”. This piece causes hand-to-chin-observation which continues throughout this section of the gallery. The artists’ views on politics, religion, and love are shown in this section within breath taking photos. The acrylic painting “Sailing Memories” by Gene Prine is that of a mini sailboat. The painting set amidst photos full of serious topics, gives the section a nice balance.

Our fellow student’s artwork will be on display through April 17th, free to the public and waiting to be experienced. Come out and admire or purchase our students artwork at the CrossRoads Gallery at the SPC/Clearwater Campus!

SPC/Clearwater Campus Address: 2464 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL. 33765. Ph.# 727-791-2548


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