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A Closer Look at Señor Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy’s Exhibition at the Seminole Campus


The curve of a line is very appealing to the human eye; it allows a person to see depth in a drawing, sculpture, photo, or painting. Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy’s Exhibition, currently at the Seminole Campus, is full of amazing curves that make a viewer stand back and wonder just how the image was formed. The circular motions used in each composition give the appearance of one solid line and is very impressive. Vilardy’s relationship with each piece of artwork is apparent by the great detail and care put into each composition. Vilardy stated he has been drawing these things from memory for pleasure and rest, which is apparent in each piece’s exuberance. This exhibition will be on display until Oct. 19th at the Seminole Campus in the UP Lobby. For those of you that cannot make it out to Seminole, here are a few pictures from the exhibition:

Nacimiento-Birth by Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy


This drawing appears to have no end and no beginning. Showing Vilardy’s ability in drawing the human form in a blanket of sorts, without showing how the cloth is attached to the figure. It appears to be wrapped around the figure, but the end or beginning of the blanket is unseen.


Pelicano by Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy


This bronze and wooden sculpture has amazing balance, light, and space that makes a viewer wonder just how he came up with these shapes. It is hard to tell if it is one piece or several put together, making this a favorite.


Alcatraz by Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy


Vilardy has a number of sculptures in his collection; this bronze and wooden sculpture is another composition that will make a person wonder how the pieces were assembled. It is full of balance and light; the curves of the piece are very calming near the bottom and exciting on top.


Disfarz-Desguise #1 by Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy


This artist displays shells and sea life in the majority of his work and shows his attention to detail in each piece. The circular shapes in his compositions are very inviting as seen in this drawing with pencil & ink on paper.


Snail by Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy


When looking at this oil on canvas, one can see his immense attention to detail and where is love for the shell like form, seen in all of his compositions, may be coming from. The feeling of being underwater, snorkeling off of the coast, comes to mind when observing this painting, which is very peaceful indeed.


Cabeza De Caballo Horse Head by Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy


Even this horse head giclée print displays Vilardy’s love for the curve and the ocean. This horse head almost looks like a sea-horse’s head, but it possess curious areas of space, forcing the viewer to look twice to see if the head is see-through.


Zanquero Man on Stilts by Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy


Valardy’s attention to detail is at it’s high point in this pencil on paper drawing which displays a man on stilts. The lines in the neck, chest, torso, legs, arms, and hands show depth and give accurate shape of the man.


Zanquero Man on Stilts by Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy


The detail in each object hanging from the man’s arms is remarkable and needs to be seen in person to get the full effect. It appears to be mask’s and other objects hanging from the string attached to the man’s arms.


Zanquero Man on Stilts by Carlos Arturo Camargo Vilardy


The man’s head-dress and clothes have great lines and curves in them as well, showing Vilardy’s interest in the shell-like shape.

To see more works by this artist please visit his website: . St. Petersburg College, Seminole Campus was honored to have his work on display for Hispanic Heritage month.


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