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A Lucky Student and Artist


The Seminole Campus gave away a Google Nexus 7 Tablet to a lucky student this semester, just as last semester, and by chance this very same student’s artwork was on display in the hallway entering the Digitorum in the University Partnership building. Mr. Jerry Krampera is an experienced artist and our lucky winner for the Spring 2013 Semester Seminole Campus Welcome Backs event. Mr. Krampera has been flexing his artistic muscle since childhood, starting with simple drawings inspired by photos. He is studying to be a graphic designer here at SPC, and is originally from the Czech Republic. He came to Florida in 1969 and has been enjoying the sunshine ever since. Below is Mr. Krampera with Dr. Oliver (Seminole Campus Provost), Manual Martinez (SGA President), and Joy Gann (SGA Vice President) receiving the Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

Jerry’s artwork is remarkable in the sense that he utilizes a number of different mediums, showing his talent in each of them. Below are his mirror compositions composed of sand blasting and etching work. It is difficult to see the man in the mirror, but the cat’s reflection in the glass of water is incredible.











At first sight, the shading and use of light make the drawing below appear to be a black and white photo. His ability to show depth and warmth in his pencil composition shown is uncanny. One can see his talent in this single drawing very clearly.

His oil painting filled with sea creatures and a view of the cosmos, is full of imagination and life. He stated this painting started as something else and it grew into a beautiful work of art in time. If one is to look closely at the painting below, the detail of the sea creatures is amazing.

None of his compositions have titles, but this final oil painting below of Prague is beautiful and nameless. The blues in the buildings give a cold feeling, while the tree in the foreground captures the winter feeling. Mr. Krampera stated this setting is an actual place in Prague where he grew up. This is a personal favorite due to the deep feeling of looking out a window and seeing these buildings trapped in the cold.


An amazing and talented artist who is also a lucky winner at the Seminole Campus, Mr. Jerry Krampera will be a force to reckon with in the future.

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