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American Horror Story: Coven has Social Media Bewitched


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“This coven doesn’t need a new supreme. It needs a new rug.” Fiona Goode has just killed one of her apprentices, Madison, after a night drinking. She’d had an inkling that Madison would be the new ruler of their coven so, being the cunning yet strangely caring woman that she is, had to murder Madison to keep her position. The mute servant, Spaulding, has wrapped Madison in the ancient living room rug. Twitter and Facebook was ablaze over Madison’s murder at the hands of the housemother. “Is she really dead?” “This isn’t the end of her. I think somehow she will be back.” “Ugh! Thank God! I couldn’t stand her!”

Fiona Goode is the supreme witch of a New Orleans coven and “headmaster” of Miss Robicheaux’s Academy for developing witches. Academy Award winning actress Jessica Lange portrays Fiona so masterfully that one cannot help but sympathize with her. She has cancer, the result of the new supreme witch sucking her powers away, which is making her weak and will result in her death. She is deathly insecure about aging and losing her powers. Despite the misfortune, Fiona still cannot resist lying and manipulating anyone that crosses her path. The writers balance Fiona’s “evil” with random acts of benevolence, such as one scene where she is receiving chemotherapy treatment but can hear the worrid thoughts of other patients. One patient worries about living to see her child’s wedding, Fiona informs her that she will live and that she should “blow the bank” on her dress. The sickly looks and bald heads proved to be too much for some viewers; “I can’t deal with this.” Another pivotal scene is when Fiona brings a stillborn baby back to life while high on pain pills she has just stolen from the hospital. The sharp contrast entranced viewers and they took to social media to speak about how the scene had them in tears.

Every main character has to have a nemesis, and Fiona’s is none other than voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. Marie Laveau was a real woman and voodoo priestess from New Orleans and is portrayed by none other than Angela Bassett. Fiona and Marie primarily argue with one another over whose magical lineage runs deeper and Fiona is also jealous over the fact that Marie has lived for generations without looking a day over 35. Social media users are vying for a portion of whatever anti-aging creams the fifty-something year old Bassett is using.

American Horror Story: Coven is absolutely enthralling with its witty, campy writing and stellar acting. The young women who portray the students are just talented as the veterans. Emma Roberts portrays Madison, a selfish former child actress who is thought to be the next supreme witch. However, it is revealed that she cannot possibly be the next supreme because she doesn’t possess perfect health. Gabourey Sidibe portrays Queenie, a black girl plucked from the ghettos of Detroit to be amongst her witch sisters. Later, her power is revealed as the ability to inflict physical pain on others while she doesn’t feel anything, basically a human voodoo doll. Queenie is thoroughly entertaining because of her snarky quips. Taissa Farmiga portrays Zoe, the wide eyed heroine of the group; she tends to annoy everyone on twitter because she always seems to get the group in trouble even though she cleans up the mess as quickly as she causes it. Jamie Brewer portrays Nan, the level headed universal favorite.

The big question in the social media world is “who is the next supreme witch?” The writers have thickened the plot so much with added characters and the fact that the characters that are killed off are sooner or later resurrected. It is impossible to point out what is going to happen next. The series just may end with everyone killing one another and then being raised from the dead. Again.

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