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Spoilers: The Walking Dead, Season 2, All That Remains

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The second season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead started strong at the end of last year with the first Episode “All That Remains,” and here’s what you can expect from episode “A House Divided.”

The Walking Dead is Telltale Games’s adventure game adaption of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, now in its second season for Windows, OS X, and iOS. This season’s Walking Dead comes to us with a new interface, and a brand new art style. The end of episode cliff-hangers are just as dramatic. Lets speculate on the questions left at the end of “All That Remains” while we wait for the next episode, due in early March. Major spoilers ahead. Abandon hope, all ye who read on.

Who Did Clem Meet in the Teaser for Episode Two?

The smart money is Kenny, who you’ll remember from the first season of The Walking Dead as the guy who would complain at Lee if he didn’t agree with him at all times, and in all ways. Kenny was prone to starting fights he couldn’t finish. At various times he was beaten up by Lee, Larry, and the cancer patients depending on how you played. Maybe it’s Clementine’s turn at bat?

The first season left Kenny at the mercy of a horde of walkers after saving Christa, or standing over Ben in his final moments depending on your choices. There was no way way out. There are two theories: one is that he made his way back through the buildings to safety, and the other that he managed to charge through the horde in a moment of badassery without getting bitten. Some believe that he arrived at the stranger’s hotel before Lee, was subdued by the stranger, and was in the room you can’t get into at the end of the final episode of season one. These theories all beg the question of why he is in North Carolina, quite the hike from Savannah, Georgia.

Telltale has said that we will learn Kenny’s fate during season two. There were only four people besides Kenny who would know his fate, Lee, Omid, Christa, and if you believe he was in the stranger’s room, the stranger. Of those four, three are dead. Playing as Lee, you definitely didn’t see Kenny die, neither did Christa, or Omid who were with you. The stranger isn’t too chatty these days. That only leaves one person to tell Kenny’s story.

The case against Kenny is pretty thin. Telltale has been known to plant red herrings in the next episode teasers, the preview of Duck enjoying himself on the train during the first season, for instance. There isn’t an obvious way Kenny could have escaped. As unlikely as it seems, it is possible that they mean you’re going to see Kenny as a zombie in North Carolina. There are a few other possible candidates, none quite as strong as Kenny.

Christa is another strong possibility. You’re separated from her early in episode one when you’re attacked by raiders, possibly associated with 400 Days’ Roman. Whether you helped her or not, you don’t see her die to the raiders, and her escape is about a thousand times more likely than Kenny’s.

Standing against Christa’s return in episode two is the fact that there is no reason for Clementine to believe she is dead. It also seems too early in the season for a reunion with Christa, as it goes against the theme of the story. The theme of the first season was parenthood: Lee has to protect Clem and at the same time try to prepare her for the realities of life after the zombies rise. The second season is all about Clem leaving the nest. If you bring Christa, a parent figure, back now, you’re undercutting the story. Christa will likely return, but much later in the story, and not necessarily alive.

Then there’s Lilly, who either stole your RV or was marooned on the side of the road by you, depending on how you played. You never saw her die, in fact as a player you know she can’t die because she ends up in the Governor’s entourage in the comic. That’s the biggest mark against her being the character in the teaser. There isn’t an easy way to compare the game’s timeline to the comic’s, but I do not believe Lilly has time to drop in on Clementine on her way to the Governor’s compound. I also suspect that Telltale is unwilling to undercut one of the major suspense builders (‘anyone can die at any time’) the way they did in the first season with Glenn and Lilly. Then there’s the real fringe theory.

Michelle of the great potty robbery fame. Notice that Clem doesn’t sound thrilled that whoever she’s talking to is still alive? That could be Lilly, but she has more reason to hate Michelle given that she tried to steal her hat, called Lee a bozo, and then followed it up by shooting Omid. I think this is the most interesting choice, but it isn’t happening. If Michelle was the person Clem was talking to, I doubt she’d bother with talking, she’d likely attack her on sight. Plus there’s the matter of a chest full of buckshot Michelle got, courtesy of Christa. The great potty robber has likely gone to the great hoosegow in the sky. While the identity of our mystery character is the biggest question at the end of episode one, it isn’t the only one, or even the most important.

Did Pete get bitten?

You had to decide who to save at the end of episode one, and it happened so fast that it barely registered on a lot of players. You have to choose between Pete and Nick. Complicating this choice is the fact that Pete might be bitten, because otherwise nobody would ever choose Nick, the idiot that was ready to shoot you earlier in the episode. Was Pete really bitten? I don’t believe he was, he really did just stumble and cut himself when the walker on the ground grabbed him. If that’s the case, why is he getting ready to amputate in the teaser for the next episode? Remember your reception from the group when they thought you were bitten? Yeah. On the other hand, if you saved Nick’s life, you’ll be listening to him gripe at you for all of episode two about Pete’s death, despite the fact you saved Nick’s life. That’s what you get for saving an idiot. Finally, there’s the matter of Carver and his relationship to the group you’re with.

Who is Carver?

Carver knows the group, and they fear him. He killed Roman and his gang by the river. That’s all we know. My theory is that Carver is another call back to “400 Days,” one of many in this episode. Sure there wasn’t any mention of Carver during the DLC, but remember the end? Carver is the leader of the group that the scout worked for. I don’t believe Carver’s group is in the vein of the Governor, or Negan in the comic. They aren’t amoral nihilists. The group fears Carver because they stole from Carver’s group, and the father of Rebecca’s baby lives among them. The group you’re with are not the good guys. I believe Telltale will continue to build up Carver’s group as the big bad for another episode or two, and then they’ll pull the rug out from under us.

If you haven’t played The Walking Dead, I hope this gives you a reason to pick it up. The second season hasn’t received the same outpouring of love from the critics as the first, something I disagree with. The second season shows improvements in pacing, and has abandoned some of the traditional point-and-click adventure baggage that held the first season back. If you’re waiting with baited breath for the second episode to hit in the next few weeks, let me know where you think the series is going in the comments.

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