The Sandbox Newspaper: My passion in news form.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

A picture showing how the world has been connected by the variety of modern social media.

We live in a media world. Data rounds corners at hundredths of miles an hour, knowledge can be had in split seconds, truth can be assessed without bias at a touch of a button. As social beings, we work within our social media order. We work for transparency. For our rights. For truth. We come together, sometimes millions of miles away, to
find what is, what is not,
and what may be.

Data, the harmony; meets intelligent being, the melody; to form an enriched society of beings. That is media to me: our social melody and harmony coalescing to break the barriers of a simple life.

In my endeavors, some sweet, some bitter sweet, some relatively hot, I have come upon The Sandbox Newspaper. A paper that takes its readers seriously, a paper that looks for the support of St. Petersburg College’s student base, to be all that it can be: for news, for media, for knowledge and transparency. The volunteer writers at the Sandbox offer unique styles coming from all backgrounds. Unique stories are then written by these unique people to create a wide range of news. Will you join me? Will you join, as a student or community supporter? Will you join our success within an ever changing news society? I do hope so.

My name is Fred Arnold. I volunteer for the Sandbox News and for the past year I have been a loyal staff writer, free to embark on story after story of my choosing. The times, the places, the interviews. They have all been my choice. Writing, to me, is not about the money; it is about the story, it is about the person reading that story, and it is about that person coming back to read more stories. Within the Sandbox news, each story spells out that passion, a passion born of voluntarily giving your time for something you believe in. The people who write for us are students, students who want to write, and write well. Students who want the pursuit of knowledge.

Student journalist Fred Arnold interviews Congressman David Jolly before his campaign against Lucas Overby.

Student journalist Fred Arnold interviews Congressman David Jolly before his campaign against Lucas Overby.

See the story here.

Passion breeds well written stories, but it also breeds truthful stories. We write on topics we believe in: ISIS, nature, the community, politics, entertainment, and sports; and with that belief we stand by our Journalist Code of Ethics. We aim for accuracy, compassion, and diligence. We aim for transparency, a fair voice, and no bias.

The joy of a job well done, at a job you love brings out the best in people. Always reach for the sky.

A follow for us ensures you a credible news source who takes your opinion seriously. As a staff writer, as the social media manager, I implore each and every one of our readers to criticize me, to criticize the entirety of what we are; to do so will keep us sharp, focused, and ready to deliver a product that keeps you satisfied. That is who we are, and we stand by it. We are the Sandbox Newspaper: Silly name, serious news.

Equal Access/Equal Opportunity
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