Cruising, The Only Way To Vacation


To me, a cruise highlights the strongest points of vacationing. The in-expense,  the travelling,  and the luxurious nature of the sea and crew. You really cannot go wrong with a cruise. This photo montage of my time cruising to Mexico shows some of the strong points of cruising, and if you would like to get into the logistics of it, my article on the topic can be found here.

Cruises and Great Views Seem to Co-Exist

View Montage

Views from the Caribbean Princess cruise liner, Dec. 13-18, travelling from Ft. Lauderdale , FL. to Mexico.

As a Navy Veteran, I love the water. The motion. The cool breeze. The sun rises and sun sets. The blue hue of billions of gallons of H2O. Something magical exists within the ocean, time seems to stand still, and you find yourself engrossed in a new world.

Cruises, Every Night is a Dress Up Night!

Dressed Up Montage

Top: Kelli Gordon and Fred Arnold Middle: (L-R) Fred Arnold, Kelli Gordon, Elysse Wayman , Jason France, Richie Lopez, Teresa Albee Bottom: Kelli Gordon and Fred Arnold Gives an idea of the inside of the ship. Soft lighting, ornate walls and carpet, and very upscale. Dec. 16

Dressing casual affords comfort, but sometime people like to show their sharper side. Every dinner on a cruise comes with the added bonus of fancy dress-ware and, of course, fancy restaurants!

Cruises, A Way to Be Yourself with Your Family/Loved Ones

Family Montage

Top L: Bow of ship. Top R: Family on dock, Cozumel, Mexico. Bottom L: Family photo, Cozumel, Mexico. Bottom R: Port city, Cozumel, Mexico. My sister and her husband. Dec. 15

When the going gets tough and stress seems to be all you can think of, a cruise with family and loved ones will recharge you like nothing before. My girlfriend and I had a massage. Not any massage, a couples massage. It took place at the bow of the ship, in a canopy, overlooking the extensive blue horizon. Short bursts of sunlight crept through the slim openings of the canopy while we were doted on hand and foot! It was a magical experience and one that would make anyone’s stress level diminish to zero. Also, take a look at the blue of that water. It looks like cool aide!

Cruises, A Way to Enjoy Five Star Restaurants for No Charge

Rest montage

Each picture portrays the professional atmosphere of the cooking crew and kitchen. (Caribbean Princess Cruise Liner Kitchen and Crew Dec. 13-18)

Yes. Every night you are served food from a five star restaurant that comes at no charge. They have everything from lobster to prime rib to baked Alaska. The dinners come in four course meals: soup, salad, main entree, and desert.

Cruising, A Way to Experience New Cultures, and, of course, Alcohol

Local Montage

If you are in Cozumel, Mexico, don’t skip out on a drink at Senior Frogs! Dec. 13-18 (Fred Arnold and Kelli Gordon)

Experiencing new cultures is something I live for. The greatest asset you can gain is knowledge; of the world, of yourself, and of societies unlike your own. Adventure out into what is different, you won’t be upset you did.

If you’d like to see more on why cruises are my go to vacation, check out my article posted to the Sandbox Newspaper, here.

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