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The Top 5 Best and Worst Entry Level Positions

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By Redwan Resnick

With college graduation just around the corner, many seniors are looking into the future with trepidation. With 17,000 entry-level positions currently available in the state of Florida, many will be saying goodbye to internships and work studies, and hello to the “real” world. Seeing all of these scared-looking faces on campus got us wondering about what the top five best and worst entry level jobs were. As it happens, WalletHub, a consumer finance company, have been asking the same question. Here’s a glance at what they found:


5. Software engineers. They write computer programs that enable people to perform tasks. Their median starting salary is $60,822. By 2022, this field is projected to grow by 22 percent. If you’re a methodical thinker and a techie, this might be the job for you.

4. Attorneys. This field suits virtually any personality, from bookworm to courtroom grand-stander, from corporate watchdog to defender of the people. The median starting salary is $81,642, the highest of the top jobs. However, attorneys have the most elevated fatality rate as well. Plus, they are often at the receiving end of bad jokes.

3. Web designers. These cutting-edge professionals create and design websites. They also often take care of the technical aspects involved. Their median starting salary is $52,650, with the career projected to grow 20.1 percent by 2022. This type of work proves once again that nerds rule.

2. Information security analysts. People with this job implement systems to safeguard the security of a company’s network. The median starting salary is $54,429 and this career choice is projected to grow by 36.5 percent by 2022. At last, here’s a way to channel those hacking skills of yours.

1. Web application developers. If a website needs to be updated, organized or changed, web developers accept the challenge. The median starting salary is $55,235 for this job, which is projected to grow by 20.1 percent by 2022. This work represents a fine marriage between technicality and creativity.


5. Architectural drafters. These people draw the features and details of a building for construction projects. Some specialize in residential structures, others in commercial ones. The median starting salary is $40,086 and the job is expected to grow by a tiny 0.8 percent. Given this grim outlook, you might want to consider another outlet for your creative skills. Graffiti artist comes to mind.

4. Electronics assemblers. Part of a dying breed, people in this job build things such as motors, computers and sensing equipment. The median starting salary is $29,726. As automated devices increasingly replace humans in these tasks, this job’s prospects will shrink accordingly. By 2022, the outlook is expected to shrivel by 6.8 percent. Unless you feel like turning into a robot, you might want to pass this career by.

3. Claims processing clerk. These individuals work for insurance companies. They process and review applications, change or cancel policies for customers and interview clients. The median starting salary is $26,854. By 2022, this job will grow by an estimated 8.1 percent. Unless you like monotony, this career path might not be the one for you.

2. Boilermaker. People in this job help to manufacture boilers and other large containers, as well as repairing and installing them. This job is not for the faint of heart; it involves significant danger and taxing physical labor. The median starting salary is $36,422. The job is projected to grow by 3.7 percent by 2022. Given the risks involved, this occupation might not be the best way to use the skills you learned in college.

1. Consumer loan servicing clerk. A less charitable name for this occupation might be collections agent. People in this line of work maintain financial records, calculate what customers owe, help clients to resolve issues and execute financial transactions. You could expect to start at a salary of $28,854. By 2022, this job is expected to grow by 8.7 percent. If you have the mind of an accountant, the empathy of a social worker and the assembly line worker’s ability to tolerate monotony, this may well be the ideal job for you.

Last word of advice, fellow Sandbox readers: don’t let these grim numbers phase you. Always remember to follow your dreams!

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