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Interested in the Best of the Mobile App World? Try Trio Today

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A new mobile phone application called Trio launched earlier this year with huge success. Are you up for something new?

The age of mobile information sharing, the highlight of the modern world, reached an all time high in 2014. In 2008 Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (a reviewer of technology) stated, “Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014.” A bold claim, but one that has turned out to be true.

The upward trend of Mobile Users (Global) Source: @Mobile Marketing

The upward trend of Mobile Users (Global)
Source: @Mobile Marketing

2007, the year that marked the initial climb in mobile users, trended onward till 2014 where mobile users surpassed desktop users. This amounted to 200 million mobile users compared to 180 million desk top users.

For obvious reasons, entrepreneurs flocked to the mobile application market in an attempt to grab a portion of that humongous sales pie.

Android’s Playstore, along with Apple’s Apple Store, gave smart phone users the ability to download applications at a click of a button. The world opened up for developers as millions of downloads promised intense revenue. Games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Flappy Bird made their developers wealthy beyond belief. Websites (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) created applications that brought people together while on the go, a revolutionary way of socializing. Computers continue to grow smaller, and, as they do, humanities social appetite for applications grows larger.


A graph depicting World Wide Web browsing and their respected mediums.
Source: @Mobile Marketing

Misha Leybovich, one such entrepreneur, created a company called Meograph. A grad from UC Berkeley for Engineering Science, as well as a business degree from MIT, Leybovich’s dreams ranged from mathematics to space (as an astronaut), travel, and, finally, settling down as a CEO. Misha saw the power and sales opportunities in mobile applications, and that is what his company built up on.

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Trio Founders: Misha Leybovich (CEO) and Clay Garret (CTO)
Source: Mishae Leybovich

After years in the making, Leybovich is in the process of launching a new application, a social montage that could explode as the next best thing. Trio, named after the ability to use multiple functions, combines the wonderful world of social media into a fun mix and match
experience anyone
would enjoy.

One can take a GIF, photo, and video and combine them to form a video montage with professional like quality at the touch of a button. Sounds nifty, right?

One quality that makes Trio stand out was the ease of use. Think about what goes into making a video, a photograph, and a gif. Experience, for the most part, is required. Trio streamlines the learning curve into an easy to use format for all. The look and feel of navigating the different options is both self-explanatory and fluid. It walks you through the process in a listless manner!

“Trio had three or four concepts before we were able to completely simplify it,” Leybovich said. “and even now we are still looking for ways to make it simpler.”

Screen shot of the Trio Interface. Notice the easy to navigate screens.  Source: Misha Leybovich

Screen shot of the Trio Interface. Notice the easy to navigate screens.
Source: Misha Leybovich

No novice in the world of business, Leybovich knows that simple sells, and it shows in his product.

Trio offers the user the ability to create a work of art they can feel proud of and share with others since it can auto share to social sites. Imagine the possibilities!

Though an amazing product with such a flawless launch, Leybovich recounted on the hard road he and his co-owner faced.

“It’s a brutal process to fund something like this,” he said, laughing as he remembered the bumpy road, “investors are a hard sell sometimes.”

But stingy investors did not stop Leybovich from achieving one of his a dreams. He pushed and made it happen.

“We are a bunch of weird-quirky people,” he said as he spoke about Meograph, another laugh escaping, “A weird and quirky product, made by weird and quirky people!”

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