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Let Legacy Blue Tattoo You

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By Kathryn Hutter

Let’s face it, the decision to get a tattoo or not is a difficult one; not to mention, a very permanent one.  Next come all the choices of where, what, who…  It seems like there are tattoo studios on every other corner these days, which makes the choice even more overwhelming.  Legacy Blue Tattoo Studio, owned by Jared Tatum, opened its doors in Tarpon Springs two and a half years ago.  In that time, Legacy has become one of the top studios in the area and is home to some of the most talented artists to be found.

The artists here cover a wide range of styles.  Their pieces are all unique and distinctive.  They also do great cover up and repair tattoos for those who happened to choose the wrong studio or design.

When first entering a studio, pre-tattoo jitters are common.  Most people go in with a pretty good idea of what they want but are still nervous about the pain, the finished product, etc. The artists provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to put you at ease.  The client will give the artist an idea or a picture of what they want.  The artist will then recreate the concept into a sketch that brings the whole concept to life.  More often than not, the finished picture turns out even better than it started.

fieldsJosh Fields, a licensed professional tattoo artist since 2001, just celebrated his 14th “tattooiversary.”  In that time, he has acquired quite a following, including many local sports and music celebrities.  Over the past fourteen years, Josh went from tattooing his mom to being showcased at conventions such as Tattoolapalooza in Miami.  He did a brilliant watercolor eye that is absolutely breathtaking.

Tattoos used to be taboo.  They got a bad rap and were thought to be gotten only by “bikers” and the like.  Over the past decade or so, however, tattoos and their recipients seem to have crossed over into mainstream, crossing over gender, economic and social standing lines.

My tattoo experience:

Seahorse by Josh fields

Seahorse by Josh fields

I was going in for a 6-7” seahorse on my side.  I was a little nervous because the original sketch I came in with was pretty horrible.  Josh agreed and we decided on a different one.  The outlines were pressed on with the tracing paper and then it was show time.  The pain wasn’t bad at all for the first two hours.  The last half hour I was sore, like expected.  At some points I didn’t even feel anything because I was more focused on the conversations with Josh and everyone.  It was great, and I can’t believe how perfect it came out. He turned an awful sketch into the cutest and most unique seahorse ever!

“My favorite part? The clients looking at it when finished.  That’s usually the best part.  Everything is exciting beforehand but that’s usually the best and coolest part to me.  Especially with a cover up or transformation tattoo.  People get really happy and it makes all the hard work worth it.” –Josh Fields

Legacy Blue Tattoo Studio

39318 US Highway 19 North

Tarpon Springs, FL 34689


Header photo courtesy of Legacy Blue Tattoo’s Facebook page.

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