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David Jolly Gives SPC the Scoop on His Senate Race

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By Fred Arnold

WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 13: U.S. Representative-elect David Jolly (R-FL) participates in a ceremonial swearing-in photo opportunity March 13, 2014 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Jolly succeed his boss, the late Rep. Bill Young (R-FL), after he defeated Democrat Alex Sink in a special election for Florida’s 13th District on Tuesday. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

David Jolly announced his plans to run for Senate last month. Will the predecessor of Bill Young step up and make it to the Senate?

District 13 (Pinellas County), considered evenly divided politically, found itself in a predicament when the Supreme Court ruled the district lines as unconstitutional.

“We had a district that voted for Obama twice, but has a Republican Representative,” Jolly said, expressing his angst over the Supreme Court decision, “but now the district will be a Democrat super majority.”

A big reason, but not the only one, Jolly felt his time in the House would end: not by a vote, but by redistricting.

“I take my service to my constituents seriously,” he said, speaking about his time in office. He wished to stay within the House longer, to achieve more, but that might not be possible. Pursuing the Senate gives him the opportunity to continue to serve Florida.

With any new candidate to the scene, issues arise. Jolly faces those who are already in full campaign swing, such as Democrat Eric Lynn – who raised over $400,000 already.

“We lead the field in polls for the state,” Jolly said, calm and reassuring.

Polls mean little, however, and what it comes down to is policy. Jolly plans to continue his push for veteran’s issues, which he has proven to be an advocate for with his legislative initiatives like Veterans Health Care Freedom Act. He plans to work on infrastructure, public transportation, and beaches with the goal of retaining Florida’s biggest cash flow, tourism. He also wishes to be in a position to make an impact in the realm of national economics where he wishes to prove his fiscal conservatism.

As a moderate Republican, Jolly comes from a diverse background. He considers himself a strict fiscal Republican, though some may disagree.

Staff Writer Fred Arnold interviews David Jolly about his upcoming Senate race. 8/25/15

“In just 16 months in Congress, Jolly took his place as a big spender on the House Appropriations Committee and racked up a terrible record on fiscal issues. He was one of just three Republicans who voted for keeping the Death Tax. He voted against a conservative budget that would have cut spending, while standing for giveaways to big labor,” Club for Growth, a conservative group, said in a statement.

“I stand on the issues I believe and challenge the party sometimes,” he said. In this case, Jolly referred to the billions it would require to kick start the programs he voted against. It was not about the long term, it was about the now, and to Jolly, now was not a time for more debt.

“I vote against dishonesty within our own party, and I am about getting things done,” he said.

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