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Marketing Yourself Through Social Media

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Need to get your name out there? Social media is the new pedestal!

Today there are so many social networking sites you can create a profile in. Some people use sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to express themselves. What if you could also use these sites to network and promote that new song you just wrote, or showcase the outfit you just made? We all have busy schedules. Most of us work and go to school full time. We want to become musical geniuses or fashionistas. We want to start our own businesses. Since social media and technology is so prevalent in many of our lives today, here are some tips that you can apply to social media sites such as Instragram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vine.

Tiffany James, a graduate of the University of Florida’s Public Relations and Communications program talked about four quick tips to marketing yourself:

  1. Keep your profile public! By making your profile private, you could run potential clients off. The only time your profile should be private is when your personal information is present. Some things that are appropriate for a public post are your product(s), inspirational posts, and funny posts. As a business person, you should refrain from posting about things that could offend other people.
  2. Advertise three times a day! So what if you repost? Wal-Mart plays the same commercial. You want to have a social media impact three or more times a day so your customer doesn’t forgot about you.
  3. Jazz up your product! Presentation is everything. Make sure there is nothing in the background distracting the product. You want everyone’s attention on what you’re selling.
  4. Build your brand off your work, not your image! A pretty face gets old, but a great name lasts forever. Gucci and Nike are examples of brands that have a strong reputation for quality and customer loyalty.

These tips you can use on ANY social networking website. Pick which network works best for you and make sure what you are selling is something that your friends or followers will be interested in buying. James also said, “as a P.R. professional, I want to keep up with the latest social media sites. In order for you to give your client the best service, you want to be able to get their name out to as many people as you can.”

Remember, social media is perhaps the fastest-growing way for small and big business owners to get their information out quickly, easily, and cheaply to the masses. Most websites are free, and you can also reach a whole new audience. Don’t forget, it starts with just one post!

Originally published on Oct. 3, 2013.

Header photo by Jason Howie (flickr creative commons license).

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