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Ted X Tampa Bay Nails it Big At the Palladium

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By Fred Arnold

Ted X Talks came to Tampa Bay September 5, 2015, and put on an invigorating session that fueled the audience at the Palladium Theater.

Sitting in the theater with the smell of age drifting silently beneath ones nose brought a unique collage of senses to life as the red, black, and white stage of Ted X stood at the forefront. This uniqueness emanated to the speakers, the audience, and the staff that made this wonderful event come to life. Looking down upon the audience, one might notice the informal nature of dress, the light-hearted laughs, the awes, and the inspiring looks as a speaker proclaimed something new, enlightening, and useful. That is Ted X.

Gina Clifford, founder of the Ted X Tampa Chapter, named this specific talk Emergence. To her, that meant “global issues discussed at the local level,” an informal setting for those who wished to gather and talk, unencumbered by life, duties, and problems. Ted X brought together professionals and locals. It forced the people to critically think in new ways. To branch out. To break norms. Ted X started the day with a goal in mind, and they met that goal.

The universe, the Constitution, right, wrong, technology, success, inspiration. All were ideals brought up during Ted X. The smallness of our Earth compared to the universe, the statistical anomaly that meant we are not the only life within the cosmos. Excitement rippled through the theater as videos were shared that brought these questions to life. How does one deal with the death of a loved one? How does one become successful in a world full of already very successful people? How do we educate the future generation?

Mary Spio – a successful entrepreneur, immigrant, and technology guru – spoke at Ted X. In terms of success she said, “A core principle to success is to have the courage to embrace difference, and to find what it is to be unique.”


She found success through hardship. Living in Ghana, she found inspiration from her father, a man who dreamed of a democratized government for his home country. He told her often to aim for what she believed. She saw her father achieve his goal, and she achieved something just as impressive: a company called Gen2Media, an internet-oriented video production company that has worked on productions like Star Wars Episode 2.

The speakers at Ted X are those who have been there. Those who needed to find a way. Mike Fecht, creator of Yoga for Men, found his way after the death of his wife. Christine Laurenzi, a prominent teacher who utilized unique teaching methods, found her way with the success of her students. Ted X brought the local scene into contact with people who have the wisdom to enlighten.

If you have lost your way. If you feel that life only has downs, but never ups. If you find that you do not know the answer, that you might never know the answer, that everything seems to be too big to handle; Ted X understands, and will try to provide those answers.

Keep in mind these words from Mary Spio: “We are remembered for two things: The problems we create, and the problems we solve.” Join Ted X and solve those problems.

Gina Clifford, founder of Ted X Tampa, posing at the Palladium before the event.

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