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Kelly Rich, an Advisor One Can Admire

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Kelly Rich, an Advisor One can Admire

Kelly Rich, a counselor, a friend, and so much more, has been a part of the harmonic ebb and flow of St. Petersburg College, Seminole campus for the past five years. Her helpful nature, especially to specific groups around campus like the Student Support Center and Study Abroad, gives insight into the overall mentality of SPC Seminole.

The Seminole campus recently lost its provost, John Oliver, to retirement, but his ideals continued forward. He built the campus upon community. He built it upon a respect to faculty and students, and, most of all, he built a long lasting idea of kindness. Kelly, the campuses Early College Advisor, embodies this idea in everything she does.

An outgoing personality and a drive to see others succeed; Mrs. Rich’s day involves constant movement.

“Everyone says I’m a bowl full of energy,” she commented, recalling her time as an advisor.

Her career brought her into the Pinellas County School system as a High School Advisor. Finding her way to SPC, she became the Early College Advisor five years ago. To Mrs. Rich, this job is a dream come true.

“If I didn’t find this job, I wouldn’t know where I would be, and I want to be in this job till I retire,” she said.

As an Early College Advisor, Mrs. Rich lives the life of each student passing through her office and classroom. She sees their drive, their passions, and their goals.

“I get excited when helping people, especially students,” she said.

Walking into a room with Mrs. Rich, one might notice a consistent laugh, a never ending smile, and a sense that she is there with you. People have lives, and she makes it a point to be interested in each individual; a quality that makes her a perfect candidate to advise and help along Americas youngest and brightest minds.

“Mrs. Rich has been more than just a guidance counselor to not only me, but everyone else in the program,” Laekn Hamby, one of Mrs. Rich’s early college students, said, “she has been our friend, and she continually supports us and gives us the resources we need to be successful in life. I don’t know what I would have done without her these past couple of years!” she finished.

Evelyn Madera, a Student Support Center Advisor and Outreach specialist, said, “She’s a lot of fun, she brings that to academics and life in general, and the students love her for that.”

Mrs. Rich has been involved with the Student Support Center for awhile now. Her role includes helping early college students finish their Bright Future volunteer hours by connecting them with Evelyn who then connects the students to different events the Student Support Center has to offer.

“Her efforts with the early college students have been a big reason for the success of the Student Support Center. Her volunteers were the reason the center could provide tutoring to at risk students. That cannot be stressed enough,” Evelyn said, “she makes an effort to keep students engaged, and she does her job well,” she finished.

Kelly Rich provides an enlightening touch to the Early College process. At a time when students are stressed, indecisive, and entering adulthood; having a mentor, teacher, and friend like Mrs. Rich has great benefits. Two of her students have been awarded the Apollo Award recognizing them as some of the best at SPC, and she will continue to give students the best experience she can offer.

“Engagement in the college process and community means a students success,” Evelyn pointed out, “advisors like Kelly are the best way for students to get that type of college experience.”

Franklin Figueiredo Alves, Allison Shenofsky and Mark Strickland at a workshop for SPC.
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Real Stories by Real Students:
  • Nancy Nguyen – “Mrs. Rich is awesome sauce. For the last two years, she’s helped me, as well as the other kids of the Early College program, illuminate the path towards our future careers. She works so hard to make sure we all succeed and goes out of her way to make the environment of the program a family setting so that we can enjoy our time at the college away from our home schools. I am eternally grateful for her guidance because without her I would be very lost. I love Mrs. Rich.”
  • Hailey Morgan – “Although this is only my first semester here, Mrs.Rich has already helped me so much and made me realize that now is the time where I need to start seriously planning for the future. Although that’s a scary thought, she’s made it so much easier for me to understand, and I feel like I actually have an idea of what I want to do with my life. She works so hard all the time and I just want her to know that I truly appreciate everything she is doing for us, for helping us to reach our full potential. Thank you for being you Mrs.Rich.”
  • Casey Shook – ” Mrs. Rich is honestly the most supportive and caring teacher that I know. She works so hard to connect with each of her students in the early college program on a personal level. I really can’t express how thankful I am to have her at school as a source of guidance and as a friend. She goes above and beyond to make our lives at school easy and does not get enough credit and thanks for the effort and time she puts into her job. Mrs Rich is the real MVP.”
  • Sierra Gregory – “Mama Rich is so amazing. She works so hard for all of us and goes above and beyond. She’s so funny and caring and she’s one of my favorite aspects of ECP Seminole. I know I can go to her for anything, whether it be for school help or issues outside of school. She’s amazing and deserves every ounce of gratitude and respect from all of her students. Thanks for everything Mrs. Rich.”
  • Violet Dudekov – “When coming into this program I seriously had no idea what was going to happen. I was terrified. But mrs. Rich made it all better. Only after my first week I felt more comfortable than I thought I would ever feel in college. Mrs rich it’s a mother, a friend, a mentor. She does everything and she does a great job at it too. I know for sure that I appreciate everything that she does. She will go out of her way to help us. She comes in on days when she is not paid just to help us. That is true care and it’s not going unnoticed.”
  • Daphne Yejerla – “Mrs. Rich is hands down the greatest teacher I have ever had. But we don’t see her as just a teacher, she’s a mother, a friend, and a huge support. I honestly am so grateful to have had Mrs. Rich as our counselor. In the beginning I didn’t really come around the portable, but over the summer and this year I have felt the love and support from her. She truly cares for us, and she puts herself out there to make sure we get the best. Mrs. Rich buts up with all of the attitudes and it truly means a lot. She makes sure that we know tha t she’s there for us, and because of her I like coming to school. She has helped me and so many others finding ourselves and figuring out this crazy world, but at the same time made it fun. I’m honestly going to miss this program because of the great experiences I’ve had because of her. She deserves so much more than she gets, but she doesn’t complain, and i love her for that. Thank you so much for everything you do for us Mrs. Rich, we love you!!!”
  • Alissa Mcoy – “The Early College program is the greatest blessing in my life so far. Every day I am eternally grateful for the opportunities and experiences I get to have. Those opportunities and experiences would not exist without the dedication and hard work of Mrs. Rich and for that I can never fully thank her for everything.”
Brandon Lee Fong’s (One of Mrs. Rich’s students) Apollo Award Speech –

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