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By Andrew LeGare and Bethany Greenley

20151118_114448Five students decided to produce a sports broadcast for their group project in Professor Ned Johnson’s Journalism class. As luck would have it, one student in the group is experienced in television production and had all of the necessary equipment to complete the extensive project. All students in the group participated in the writing process and creative contributions to the final project which included filming, editing, and using special lighting. They filmed in the all new Career and Transfer Hub located at the Tarpon Springs Campus in NU-460. The project was titled SPCSN for St. Petersburg College Sports Network, and it was agreed that this was the favorite all time group project for students Corey MacDonald, Andrew LeGare, Chris Valentine, Marshall Watrous and Steven Crane.

The sports analysts/broadcasters were Corey, Chris, Marshall, and Steve, while Andrew was the man behind the scenes. By providing equipment and handling the filming, audio, lighting and editing, the completed project was a success. The fan favorite was the bloopers reel at the end. This is a passionate group of students who are all hopeful of continuing to make this a regular sports broadcast for SPC.

Each student had a special memory from the experience:

“Ripping my pants while spiking a football at the end of our segment was my shining spotlight moment.” (This was included on the blooper reel.) – Corey MacDonald

“I’m passionate about sports, so I really enjoyed this project.” – Marshall Watrous

“I thought it was a great experience performing this project with others who share the same passion as me. I look forward to any future endeavors it may bring.” – Chris Valentine

“I’m a Digital Media/Video student at SPC and out of all of the video projects I’ve done, I think this one was my favorite. It was a fun experience and everyone did a great job. I’m very proud of how our sportscast turned out.” – Andrew LeGare

“I was unsure about how it would go at first, but everything really fell into place and quickly shaped up as my favorite group project ever!” – Steven Crane



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