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On Twitter: Titans vs. FWU Buccaneers 4/25

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by Austin Calvert

The St. Petersburg Titans held their own against the Florida Southwestern Buccaneers Wednesday, April 25, and walked away with a 5-10 win. The Titans secured a one-sided victory – not giving up their lead one time throughout the entire game. In fact, the Titans’ defense did so well, they kept the Buccaneers scoreless until the top of the 7th inning. But even so, the Titans’ offense responded relentlessly, rallying score after score. It should be noted that the Buccaneers did not go out unheard, putting up 4 runs in the last inning alone. Although, the mountain they had to climb was too steep, and the Titans stopped their rally before they could do any damage.

#26 Kip Deshields throwing the first pitch

#26 Kip Deshields throwing the first pitch

Kip Deshields pitched a great game, pitching until the top of the 7th inning and only allowing 1 run in that span of time. When he was finally relieved by Luke Helms, he was given a round of applause for his valiant effort. Helms pitched for the remaining of the inning, and was later relieved by Trent Blum, who pitched until the last batter, when Scott Thomas came to the mound to close the game. David Hollins also played an admirable game, making plenty of saves at third base, and rallying a total of 5 RBIs.

Trent Blum closing out the 8th inning

Despite being a very sportsmanlike game, there was an instant when some viewers questioned the intentions of the Buccaneers. This occurred at the bottoms of the 8th inning, after Trevor Jensen was hit by a pitch for the third time that night. After the first two hits, Jensen shrugged it off and took his base, but when he took the third hit to the hand, the game was paused and the medical team came out to make sure Jensen was alright. This caused spectators to question the frequency of these hits, and whether or not they were accidents. Nonetheless, Jensen embraced his title as “Ball Magnet” for the night and went right back to the bag to run bases.

The Titans were very ecstatic about their victory, and could be heard laughing in the dugout long after spectators had left.

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