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Zeal Coffee Roasters

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A simple cup of coffee is a wonderfully enjoyed beverage by many people all around the world. Coffee brings old friends together, warms the business man on his way to work, and gives the college student an extra buzz for the paper due in two hours. Often times though, known coffee shops lack originality and uniqueness. Although it may sound unrealistic, asking for a great atmosphere to enjoy a delicious drink is not far from one’s reach. This is now accessible to many because of Zeal Coffee Roasters.

Zeal all started with a guy named Peter. Peter took an interest in roasting coffee and he started doing it on a rotisserie grill. When the opportunity to open Zeal came to him in 2013, he jumped at it. He owned and worked it independently, and had a variety of jobs to tend to. Peter would run from the cash register to take customer’s orders, to outside on the grill to check on the roasting beans. This small coffee shop started getting popular when they began selling their beans to other local coffee shops.

From Peter’s rotisserie grill outside until now, Zeal has always done things a little differently. The way they roast their beans is an intricate and complicated process, beginning at the farm that grows their products. The title “Third wave coffee movement” is something that they proudly own. In this movement, beans are viewed as a delicate thing (because a good bean implies good coffee) and that is exactly how the farmers treat it. It is important to Zeal that they receive the best of the best and that they personally know the farmers that make their beans to ensure the quality. Zeal also takes most their beans out of the roaster at the first crack; this allows a smooth tasting light-roast and avoids one that is over-powering and robust.

Even though the taste of Zeal’s coffee is an experience like none other, their atmosphere adds so much more. The small corner shop is decorated simplistically. The walls are splashed with calm colors, wood planks are used for shelves, and plants are spread out randomly for color. All their roasting equipment is placed in the back corner where individuals can watch the workers intricately roast the beans. The atmosphere they offer is unusual, quiet, and relaxing to enjoy a cup of coffee, study, or hang out with some friends.

In addition to everything else, the relationship coffee lovers receive inside of Zeal is extraordinary. They strive to make customers feel right at home. They desire to grow in relationships, not only with other coffee shops that they partner with, but with the people coming into their shop. Their goal is to teach the fascinating process of coffee roasting so that customers do it at home as well.

Zeal also offers an open mic night once-a-month. Artists can come and have the opportunity to showcase their original work. The workers arrange all the furniture, set up a small stage, and stay open late just for these artists and for customer’s entertainment.

This is a great place for a multitude of occasions. Their location in Lutz, Florida, can always be relied on, even with their rapid growth. Out of gratitude to the church next door that helped them open, Peter and the baristas say that they will never leave that small corner location, even if they expand. Zeal will never disappoint as they compete for your satisfaction; as quoted by Jason, a barista, “The perfect cup of coffee is impossible in my opinion, but we will always strive for perfection.”

Photo from Zeal Coffee Roasters Facebook page.


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