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New Residents Arrive at Sunken Gardens

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by Austin Calvert

Unless you live under a rock, odds are you’ve heard the news – Sunken Gardens has a family of new residents, flamingos!

To welcome this new additions to the already stunning trail, Sunken Gardens is holding a Flamingo Festival this Sunday, May 1st, from 12pm to 4pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors, and $4 for children – but if you wear pink, you automatically get $1 off! The Sunken Gardens is already a St. Petersburg hotspot, so this welcoming party should be a fantastic hit for not only those in the Pinellas area, but Sunken Garden lovers all around the area. “Oh, I’m definitely going,” said a local Garden goer, Hayley Safko, “I’m only here today so I can make sure I get a good view of the flamingos and I don’t have to fight my way through crowds.”

There’s no doubt that this new addition will not only bring back seasoned spectators of Sunken Gardens, but also newcomers that have only wanted to visit. Employees have been very excited about the recent rise in business and only expect it to keeping raising after Sunday. New customers aren’t the only thing the employees are excited about as it has been a long wait for the new flamingos to make a home at Sunken Gardens. “I’ve been working here for about half a year, and the whole time there’s just been talk about the inevitable arrival of the flamingos,” said an employee at Sunken Gardens, Lois Didolce. “Watching them finally being carried into the trail was definitely a satisfying feeling.”

These newcomers have already added a new personality to Sunken Gardens, even though they’re still in the process of breaking out of their shells. Even when you’re on opposite sides of the trail, these newcomers don’t want you to forget they’re there – you can hear them from every corner of the trail. “I think my favorite part of them is still when they were brought inside,” said Lois. ‘”They had to be carried in by their feet, upside down, so they wouldn’t get hurt, and it was definitely a sight to see.”


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