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5 Years In The Sandbox – ‘Share Your Passion’

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In November, the Sandbox celebrates 5 years.  It’s been a wild journey from a handful of online articles to multiple awards! We take a look back with some of our alumni reporters at what they got from the paper and what they see coming in the future in news.

amqwkyie_400x400by Elizabeth Cadicamo

When and how did you work on the Sandbox?

I had the amazing experience of working for the Sandbox last January to May of 2015. It was the best experience by far of my College Career as I got to share my passion for baseball by live tweeting the St. Petersburg College Baseball Games, writing game recaps, & taking pictures of the game in action!

What your most memorable takeaway from the experience?

My most memorable takeaway from this experience was getting to be the “play by play announcer” virtually on Twitter & just having an audience that would count on me to be the scorekeeper for each of the games as many of them could not attend due to their busy schedules and looked forward to my live tweets. I will never forget this experience & all the amazingly kind compliments I received from doing this via Twitter and being approached by so many people live in person at the games!

How does media – traditional and otherwise – fit in your future or current endeavors?

Media fits into my future endeavors as I hope to be a PR Professional in the baseball industry as it is a passion of mine and I’d love to be able to share this passion and transform the world of baseball.

What role do you see media playing in everyday life?

Media plays a HUGE part in everyday life as we’d be nothing without it, especially with all the social media avenues we have today in which we receive our news. It’s really become a way of life and it would be impossible to learn about the world around us and even grow and learn without it.

What advice would you give a current or prospective Sandbox reporter?

My advice I would give a current or prospective Sandbox reporter is to just give 110% and not only do what’s required of you. Go beyond and really raise the bar for those following in your lead as you will get the best experience you can working for the Sandbox. I thoroughly enjoyed my time being a Sports reporter and I  hope that others will get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

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