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Concert Review: GOT7 ‘Flying in USA 1st Concert’ Tour

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By Kimberly Rosario

 South Korean boy group, GOT7, flew to the USA for their first ever American tour last summer. There is no such thing as a language barrier when it comes to this group since more than half of them can understand English and at least three of the members can speak English fluently. The majority of their fans in the states do not speak or understand Korean, but it does not stop them from wanting to hear good music. Got7’s concert was definitely different from average concerts that happen in America due to their fan interaction moments, layout of the concert, and overall performance.

GOT7, without a doubt, sure knows how to have fun with their fans. Throughout the concert, the boys were all very much into the idea of making the hearts of their fans swell with joy with the most discreet wink possible. After performing a couple their hit songs, GOT7 began to talk to their fans, getting quick chorus of responses from them. There was a special time during the concert where GOT7 acted as if the concert was over. The fans were ecstatic that GOT7 were going to come back onto the stage if the fans played a little game with them. Random fans were selected in to the audience and were displayed on the jumbotron of the concert hall. Each selected fan had to mimic the choreography from one GOT7’s music videos in order for the boys to return to the stage. Once that was over, the boys did not appear on the stage once the game was over, but they came through the entrances of the concert venue, walking through the fans. Some fans got pictures of the boys, got to dance with them, and even received hugs. At the end of the concert, the fans that were closest to the stage were lucky enough to have some of the GOT7 members to take their phone and take personal selfies on them. “I was really surprised that Jr., one of the GOT7 members, took my phone and was taking video on my Snapchat!” exclaimed Stephanie Hackleen, one of the many fans that attended the concert.

Of course, with a unique concert, there has to be a seamless concert layout. Most concerts just have the artist say their hello and begin their show. GOT7 started their show with a lightshow, backup dancers killing the stage with their well practice choreography, and then GOT7 appear in the back with the spotlights. It was definitely a nicely executed entrance. They performed their songs, talked to the fans, then out of nowhere, the boys split into three teams and had their own performance in their subunits. The three performances were entertaining and had the fans screaming till their throats got dry. The night continued with song after song and talking sessions to get to know a little bit more about the boys. Nattalia Ortiz says as she bounces on the balls of her feet, “I love Mark and Jinyoung’s subunit performance. I hope the song makes it onto one of the future albums that GOT7 releases.”

Naturally, the overall performance of GOT7 was very spot on.  It seems like the long practice hours that the group goes through back in South Korea shows when they are performing. They interact with one another and still keep in time with the beat of the song. Nobody was falling behind in the dance route; they were always in sync. The vocals of the main and lead singers were outstanding; being able to show off their high notes without any strain is always an A plus. The rap line of GOT7 did their parts so smoothly that there was no stuttering of words. “Youngjae’s high notes were so amazing! I’m so glad that I got to record my favorite performances,” states Marina Fiscaletti.

In the end, GOT7’s first ever USA tour was a complete success. Fans were sad to see GOT7 leave, but they are coming back to the states for a fanmeet in late January of 2017. “Are you serious? I’m totally gonna go see them again,” said Olivia Anderson after she heard the news of GOT7 coming back for fun and games. Fans can expect more fan interaction moments, a better outline for concert, and be even more impressed by the inclusive performances that are yet to come.


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