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    A Professor Doing What He Loves

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Evan Hildreth It is eleven o’clock and East-West Synthesis, taught by professor Michael Jahosky has begun. Students file into a humanities classroom, decorated sparsely with images of Hindu heroes and Egyptian wonders at the end of the east wing of the TE building. The students are excited to share the insights and discoveries about […]

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    Through the Looking Glass Art

    Arts & Entertainment, SPC Programs & Events

    By Susan G. Ellis It takes 90 – 100 hours of intense detail work looking through a magnifying glass for local artist Yvonne Long to produce miniature art on a photograph-size 4” x 6” medium. Yvonne Long’s portfolio of three miniature art pieces will be featured along with miniature art pieces by other artists at […]

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    The Islamic State: Conquests for the Caliphate

    News & Politics

    By Viviana Angelini After long months of siege, the fighters of the deadly jihadist group called the Islamic State (IS) conquered its first city, Raqqa, located along the Euphrates River in northern Syria. This conquest, on March 2, 2013, is the first territory to become part of the caliphate forged by the Islamic State. Tens […]

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    New Restaurant on St. Petersburg Beach

    Arts & Entertainment

    By Christine Scott Gulf Boulevard in St. Pete Beach adds another restaurant choice to its horizon of eateries, hotels, and gift shops. Boulevard Burgers and Tap House on 5905 Gulf Blvd, has a busy lunch hour for a weekday. The location had been unoccupied for over a year until six months ago. The shell of […]

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    Speed Date Your Local Leaders

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Fred Arnold Speed Date Your Local Leaders, an extraordinary program that allows the common people insight into the lives of their officials and businessmen in a speed date setting, visited SPC this December. Imagine a normal day: children crying, dishes piled in the sink, the honey-do list hanging on the fringe; an invite from […]

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    Journey Into Medicine

    News & Politics

    By Edgar Arellano It’s a bit past 1:00 pm on Thursday afternoon.  The General Pediatrics Continuity Clinic is booming with commotion.  There are strollers lined up outside exam rooms.  Nervous first time parents are laying their shrieking newborn babies on the scale to get weighed. Medical assistants hurriedly bring back patients to get them ready […]

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    Not an Ordinary Day On the Job

    News & Politics

    By Susan G. Ellis It was not a typical day on the job for Shelby Rowe, age 42, of New York.  She stood before 30 journalists and experts at the Poynter Institute of Media Studies in St. Petersburg, Florida, at a conference about Covering Suicide and Mental Health. Normally, she talks about others.  On October […]

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    The Brutal College Application Process

    Out of the Sandbox

    By Brendon Bloomfield, a letter to the editor: One of the biggest concerns among students in today’s generation is going to college and getting accepted. Colleges have added so many levels of stress to students because of the requirements to get in. Before getting accepted to the university of choice, students must go through a […]

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    Talented Young Musicians Transition into Independence

    Arts & Entertainment

    By April Skye Balough We live in an era of American Idol spinoff shows; where people like Justin Bieber rocket into super-stardom because the right person saw their YouTube cover. It seems as if everywhere you turn, young musical acts just want to be seen, signed, and supplied, except for St. Petersburg locals Alex Schultz, […]

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