By Chris Pissarides


I am from seeing sunny blue skies, clear blue water, people playing volleyball on the beach
Watching kids playing soccer in the school yard, or playing a game with marbles or cards
I am from seeing my friends every day, hanging around at my house
From playing with my brother in our yard, watching cats running around and ants going in and out of their anthill
I am from seeing hundreds of lit candles at the church the night before Easter
From the memory of my mom waving goodbye when I left for school.

I am from the wonderful smell of lamb cooking over the charcoal and the aroma of fresh fish
being cooked in the fish taverns
From the salty air coming from the sea and honey-fried donuts
Early morning smells of Greek coffee, baked beans, fried eggs, and burning toast
I am from my mom’s delicious honey-baked ham with fried potatoes on the holidays
From freshly cut grass in our yard, strong scented flowers, and wood burning in the fireplace.

I am from the waves approaching the beach and boat engines rumbling when passing by
From people talking loudly, children shouting while playing, dogs barking at each other, to communicate
From drivers beeping their car horns, and cicadas singing loudly in the summer
I am from church bells ringing on Sunday mornings and firecrackers going off on Easter Day.

I am from proverbs “Hold your horses” and “Money doesn’t grow on trees”
From my mom’s morning “It’s time to wake up,” and then “Rise and shine”
as she opened the curtains in my room to let the sunlight in
From my dad’s “Kalimera” which means good morning, my grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s,
saying “Leoforos Athalasis 10 Strovolos,” her address, and singing in Greek a song
about children going to church, over and over again.

I am from feeling burning hot sun in the summer and salt on my skin from swimming in the sea
From sand sticking on my skin from walking on the beach and a painful sunburn from the sizzling sun
From sweat dripping down my face and cool breezes from the sea on summer nights
I am from bruises and scratches on my body from playing outside with friends and brothers.

I am from a plate full of grilled meat and fish, fried potatoes, and Greek salad
From halloumi cheese with ice cream and sweet pastries made with honey and almonds for dessert
From my mom’s egg-lemon soup on cold nights and roasted chicken with potatoes
From macaroni in the oven, delicious lasagna, gyros, crème brulée, and a lot of fruits and vegetables
From traditional Easter pastries made with eggs and cheese, for a stomach full of goodness.

I am from those moments.


(Photo from Pixabay).

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