By Arianna Padilla


I am from seeing bubbles flying in the air, trying to escape from this insane world
From watching cartoons, famous because of their family values
From laughing at dogs running in the backyard, playing with my little cousins
Boys playing soccer in the field across the street and little kids asking me to play hide and seek
From dark skies full of shiny stars on beautiful, cold nights
Clouds of pure white in mysterious shapes of animals or people, calling on the imagination to name the shape
I am from watching my grandmother cooking and making jewelry for me
From watching my happy family, most definitely the best thing for my eyes to see.

I am from soft pillows under the covers, ready to give me a deep sleep on the coldest nights
From a soft teddy bear “Osito” always with me, keeping me company
From a little blue blanket, perfect any time whether I was happy or sad
From a hard old couch, my favorite place to hide the remote
I am from a tough tree where my house of secrets was kept
I am from a silky brown coat that used to belong to my mom.

I am from the lovely voice of my mother saying “You are fine Ari,” always calming me down
The sounds of noisy cars, their drivers crazy, trying not to be late
From the music of my little pink princess castle, the gift my grandmother gave me for my birthday
From the big Tonka truck of my brother, with that annoying sound that made me mad
The unforgettable sweet, kind voice of my grandma, always calling me “Munequita”
I am from those sounds that will touch my heart for the rest of my life.

I am from the smell of tulips flowers, sunflowers, and roses in the green backyard
That smell of the little tiny flower of the mango tree, every day starting with October
The smell of hot chocolate covering the entire house, getting into my head, saying, “Try me”
From the smell of the ground, of the earth, wet with pure drops of rain.

I am from juicy mangos growing from the tree for all the family and, of course, for the neighbors
From that soft chocolate cake with caramel of my aunts
From the sweet sweet ice cream, always vanilla, and the lime pie from my cousin
From spicy tuna with chips and sweet or salty corn always welcome to my palate
Yellow rice with corn and soft fried meat, lasagna of chicken with avocado
The memorable delicious ham sandwiches of my mom, and the chocolate ice cream
From the typical “morocho” (rice with milk), perfect on a cold morning
From banana ice cream with vanilla cookies or just pieces of banana with milk
From big strawberries with an odd flavor, but still delicious, with chocolate or Nutella
That simple soup of chicken and noodle that always cured me when I was sick
From cold sweet orange juice with strawberries, fresh salads with broccoli that looked like trees
Soft lettuce, smooth tomatoes, crunchy carrots with sour lime, soups of spinach
Yogurt with apple or grapes, the delicious eggs with rice, and sausage
From scrambled eggs with bacon, and pancakes with that hot syrup covering all my plate
That infinitely savory food that I could eat every day, inducing a tear of happiness to fall.

I am from those moments.

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