By Nermeen Elabd


I`m from sitting on top of a bridge looking through a telescope
From watching ships and boats floating down the Nile River
From near or far river breezes
From catching many different kinds of fish to grill, to fry, or to bake.

I`m from waking up every morning with the chirping sounds of many birds, and national rhymes from the children`s school in front of the house
From the city, using daily transportation of walking or biking
From using horses with carriages filled with people from the city
I`m from the aluminum factory, where sugar cane is grown and processed
I`m from the sweet smell of sugar cane in the air from the factory.

I`m from Sunday special meals, from duck or pigeon stuffed with green whole grain From green soup made of delicious broth with fried minced garlic and green leaf of molokhia, dunked with freshly made Egyptian bread
Mouth-watering aroma of molokhia flavor
I`m from Sunday company visiting to enjoy and to have fun or to stay for days.

I`m from four seasons, feeling nice and chilly in the winter
From relaxing by the river, seeing blooming flowers and sweet smelling scents in the spring time
Scorching summer sun while drinking refreshing cold canned juice
I`m from rainy weather and school starting in the fall time.

I`m from proverbs “One hand does not clap,” “Movement is a blessing,” and “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
From ending the day at night with mother saying “تصبحي علي خير تصبحي قطه من غير ديل” “Goodnight to get up in the morning like a cat without a tail.”
Hearing the sound of the door locking, the darkness coming, and then everybody falling asleep.

I`m from Faaish and butter biscuits for breakfast, made from buffalo products
From holiday special cookies twice a year, spending days to make flakey, crispy and creamy cookies
I`m from family building, full of siblings with many nieces and nephews, playing all together with a lot of laughing and crying
I`m from doors that are open from dawn to dusk
From love forever.

I am from those moments.

the nile


(Photos from Pixabay)

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