By Tetyana Korin

Altai lake

I am from sitting on a mountain decline where tops are covered with snow all the year round

From admiring white snow that sparking like a diamond by beams of the sun

From delighting of amazing phenomenon night with bright lights of green, purple and pink called Aurora Borealis

I am from spring view of fields and hills covered with a huge beautiful rug with blue snowdrops flowers

From “White nights’ ‘with the sun which never sets on a horizon throughout June


I am from waking up on Sunday morning to the smell of freshly brewed herbal tea, fried cheese pancake, and semolina with homemade jams

From smelling cedar wood in furnace which spread warmth and comfort throughout the house

I am from freshly washed linen which smells like breezy morning frost

I am from the mix of aromas the bunches of garlic, onion, various herbs, dry mushrooms, and jerked meat hooked about the ceiling in the special storage

From the sweet smell of fresh making jams from black berries, blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries



I am from frigid cold snowstorms blowing in different tunes and whistling during long winter nights

From frozen dog which picks this song up

I am from squeaky snow under my feet that covers all around as white fluffy blanket

From joyful laughter and shouts of children who ski and slide down the hills

I am from annoying sound of a huge amount of mosquitoes in the summer forest which stick all over the body

I am from roaring and swirling stream of mountain river tramples a way through rocks and valley


I’m from proverbs spoken by wise people, like: “Knowledge is power“, “Health is better than wealth“ and “Live and learn“

From the fairy tales and lullabies told by my mother every time before falling asleep

From Russian and Ukrainian folk songs performed by my parents and guests every Saturday night


I’m from feelings of a breezy snowy air mixed up with my breath which forms frost on my lashes

From feeling of freedom lying on the snow roof and watching a star fall while eating frozen berries

Standing on slippery rocks barefoot and feeling a cold stream of water while letting paper ship go on an endless journey across the globe


I’m from making every summer homemade jam of blueberries, raspberries, cherries, gooseberries with nuts and cranberries

From small pies filled with fruits and vegetables

I am from smoked pieces of bread, baked potatoes and Shish kebab at the bonfire

I am from family and friends bring special holiday dishes such as stuffed cabbage, staffed fish with herbs, potatoes baked in a pot of spicy cheese crust, rabbit in sour cream sauce and deer meat dumplings and shire them

I am from those moments.

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