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Interning for Opportunities

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by Jessica Butler, famed zebra herder and daring woman entrepreneur!

As a child, how many times did you get asked “Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?” As a first grader, I believe I said a school teacher because they seemed, at the time, to have the coolest job.  It is funny remembering my childhood memories of what I thought a “cool job” was.  As an adult, I am blessed to have discovered a career in communications!  The course work required for this degree has given me great opportunities. Overall, I found most important in choosing a career was to find an environment where my people skills would be utilized.

Me and Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Madden

Over the course of this semester, I have been interning with Clear Channel Communications located in Tampa, Florida. Clear Channel is a global media and entertainment company that is airing 7 of your local Tampa Bay radio stations. My position was working mainly in promotions for all of the stations. I was able to go to concerts, sporting events, and local business to promote our stations. Yes, hard to believe but that is actually a job. The most memorable parts were meeting the Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Madden, getting to meet The Band Perry and attend their concert, and gaining real world work experience. I am very into sports, so meeting the Rays manager was a dream of epic proportion. Having a job where you put a measurable amount of hard work that can also be so rewarding is a memorable feeling.


My first internship was an opportunity to see how classroom learning applies to the real world. I gained many perspectives and experiences that will only add to my future success. More than anything, this internship has taught me that in any career, you have to work your way up. Also, those employers at a higher educated job level are not going to just tell you exactly what to do. At a certain point, they will assume that you will keep yourself busy with many tasks at hand. I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have been given, and the positive reinforcement to continue with my college education. I feel the most comfortable and at ease in a setting where I feel free to express ideas and this internship reinforced that I made a great decision “when I grew up.”

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