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A Future with the Mouse?

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By Gabriel Garver and William Zipprer

Disney music played lightly in the background, and the man in charge, Jacob Wortock, the Employment and Internship Coordinator, was already wearing Mickey Mouse gloves. This was it. This was the Disney College Program event. The students were handed packets and were told to sign in.

“We’ve been doing this event for years. Once in the Fall and once in the Spring,” said Wortock, which also corresponds with Disney’s application seasons. Wortock started the presentation at around 12:30 P.M. after about 11 people showed up. Wortock begun by showing several videos that described the internships and how one could grow through them. Many had gone beyond them; they had continued to work for Disney or had discovered more about their own interests that led them elsewhere.

Once these videos were finished, Wortock introduced Francis, an SPC student who had experienced the Disney College Program for himself. “Disney admires persistence,” Francis said. He would know; after all, it had taken him five applications to finally get the position. Francis spoke about how the Program had helped him grow, and that it let him truly show his work ethic. Francis told the group about his and other SPC students’ experiences, and be they easy or difficult, they all gained valuable experience.

The subject of housing then came up, and they discussed the process of finding roommates, transportation, and amenities, and how, if necessary, to deal with issues that one might have with their roommates.

Wortock then spoke about exiting the program, and where you can go from there. One could re-apply for the Professional Internship, keep working at the parks, or, as he put it, somewhat ominously, self-termination. Which meant you left the program early because of whatever reason, which could include being overwhelmed by the new environment. He said that even if you do choose to leave the program, Disney will not look down on that. It is your personal record that counts, not when it ended.

Finally, it was time for questions. One man wanted to know more details about the Professional Internship. Wortock answered by describing the difference between the College Program and the Professional Internship. The College Program is more about gaining experience, while the Professional Internship is more focused on what you are going to be majoring in. Wortock added, “[The Professional Internship] is a lot more competitive, but is even better when it comes to getting a higher position in the company.” Following his answer, there were no more questions and with that, the presentation was over.

When asked about what she thought of the presentation, Jade Martinau said that the event was really good, informative, and that she liked the guest that they brought in. She also liked learning the difference between the College Program and the Professional Internship. Another student, Bradon King, said that the event was a learning experience. He also liked that they brought the guest in to talk. After all was said and done, he realized that it was definitely a rigorous program, and that it takes a lot of dedication to do the College Program.

After some pictures and a thanks to Wortock and Francis, the students left, wondering whether they might have a future with the mouse.

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