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DUI Awareness for Spring Break and Beyond

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By Maranda Vilsack and the SPC Student Mentors
Photography by Jeffery Harding

IMG_0632On Monday, March 2nd, the Student Mentors of Dr. Culligan’s Peer Mentoring Course, with the help of Student Activities, put on a DUI Awareness Event in the quad. The event focused on preventing instances of drunk driving among St. Petersburg College students during their Spring Break which began on March 7th. The event included a number of SPC clubs, an obstacle course simulating road conditions, a stationary Harley Davidson motorcycle, and a display of the McConnell car. All the activities were performed while wearing impairment goggles provided by the Suncoast Safety Council, to show the students of the SPC Clearwater campus the drastic difference in perception while intoxicated.

IMG_0598The Suncoast Safety Council also provided the McConnell crash car, which is the actual vehicle from a 2010 DUI accident in St. Petersburg that killed the four occupants of the vehicle as a result of being struck by a drunk driver at over 90 mph. The display serves as a reminder of the tragedy that can result from a person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

IMG_0753The obstacle course was a hit with the students of SPC. The course even had participation from onlookers that enjoyed the opportunity to pummel those going through the course with foam balls to simulate rain and hail while telling them not to drink and drive. The surprise participation was very welcome.

Jim’s Harley Davidson of St. Petersburg participated in the event as well, bringing with them an interactive display of their Jumpstart Bike. Students were able to “ride” the stationary motorcycle to get the feel of a Harley and be entered into a drawing for an instructional/licensing course worth up to $400.

IMG_0709Other sponsors of the event included Great Bay Distributors, who donated cab vouchers that were given out randomly throughout the event, KnowTow, a motorcycle towing service, and United Taxi.

St. Petersburg College’s Student Mentors are glad that everyone had a good time at the event, but more than anything we hope that the meaning behind the event was received and left a lasting impression throughout the vacation period and will lead to good decisions and responsible choices in the future.

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