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Movie Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

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By Nicole Steuernagle

Without Spoilers Fifty Shades of Grey finally hit theaters Valentine’s Day weekend after the long anticipated wait. Though it was a good movie, it might not have been the greatest for theaters. Yes, the sales were there and theaters all over have been SOLD OUT, but it is one of those “stay in all night and watch movies in your p.j.s” kind of movies, simply because it may be inappropriate.

fifty_shades_of_grey_movie-2048x1536-fifty-shades-author-and-director-butt-heads-over-the-movie-s-ending2011s bestselling erotic romance book trilogy written by British author, E. L. James came to life in this film, which represents the first book. Whether viewers have read the books or not, people all over bought tickets in advance to see this sexual, yet unusual movie. It contains very intense and romantic scenes and is said to be somewhat of a “soft-porn” movie. It isn’t the typical “love story”, but it has caught attention everywhere.

In this film, two up and coming actors play the main characters. They had hard shoes to fill while taking on the roles of these erotic lovers. The anticipated character of Christian Grey was finally revealed as actor Jamie Dornan. Mr. Grey had girls in theaters everywhere squealing in their seats. In this movie, Grey has complete control of the submissive Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson, who slowly changes Mr. Grey’s beliefs.

“I felt very uncomfortable whenever the sex scenes came on because they showed a lot of action, then would just end the scene in the middle,” said Natasha Hewitt, a fellow movie watcher.

“The movie should be rated X, not R. They don’t advertise in the previews the movie would be a full on porn, and for people who know nothing about the books like me, would be in for a complete shock,” said Danielle Bucklon, another fellow movie watcher.

fifty shades of greyAside from the awkward acting during these somewhat uncomfortable scenes, the movie did stay true to the book pretty much scene for scene. Granted, a lot was cut out of the movie, but for the average person who saw this film with no knowledge of the books, there was still a story there they could follow.

Another downfall about this movie is that it is highly geared towards women. The average man won’t go see this (unless they are taking their loved one out for what he thinks would be a romantic Valentine’s Day date).

“That was the most awkward movie I have ever seen. I definitely would not have seen it if I knew it was that intense; not in theaters anyways,” said Carlos Quiles, who took his girl out to see it for Valentine’s Day.

Overall, yes… Fifty Shades of Grey was a good movie. It had some moments that had everyone on edge, and also some that had viewers question if it was okay to even be watching it. The quality of the film was good, too. It did not look “cheap” or poorly produced, and the acting of these two new actors was decent. However, it still is not a “movie theatre” film, and if you read the books beforehand, you would have already expected this. Fifty Shades of Grey may have sold out theaters all over the world, but unfortunately that doesn’t make it a great movie. Yes, it stayed true to the book, but is that really enough? Sometimes not…

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