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Movie Review: Furious 7

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By Nicole Steuernagle

Contains Spoilers: The long, anticipated wait is over! Furious 7 finally hit theatres Easter Weekend. Many anxious fans were curious as to how this movie was going to play out, making theatres all over the world extremely busy. In fact, this was the biggest debut weekend in the history of the movie series, with over $143 million in box office sales!

If you are a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, then you were one of thousands wondering what was going to happen next. After the tragic death of Paul Walker, who was ironically killed in a car crash during the making of the Furious 7 film, everyone was at a loss for words. Everyone was left wondering what was going to happen to his character, Brian O’Conner. The main questions asked were “Are they going to continue making Furious 7?” and “What is going to happen to his character in the movie?” The good news is they made it work, and they did a phenomenal job.

“You could tell that the movie was a tribute to Paul and a tribute to the Fast family. It gave everyone a moment to feel it and say goodbye on some sort of level,” said Chelsey Morgan, a huge F&F fan.

As a tribute to Walker, Furious 7 was nothing short of an action packed movie. The first scene set the tone of this film right away by jumping straight into a fight. Of course there were some unrealistic parts throughout the film, but then again, it is a movie. However, those were some of the best “nail-biting” scenes that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

image003The storyline stayed consistent with the past six films and had unexpected twists. Just like every other Fast and Furious movie, Furious 7 leaves you wondering how they will possibly add on to the story and make yet another one. In fact, there is already talk of Fast and Furious 8. This million-dollar franchise has too many fans to stop at any red lights anytime soon.

The great storyline of the film ended in an unexpected way and there was a twist that no one saw coming. Let’s just say that it ended peacefully, and if you are planning to watch this prepare yourself with a box of tissues.

“This movie seemed as if it was about forks in the road, the main fork being Paul Walker going off to a better place,” said Bobby Greiter, a fellow movie-watcher.

Overall, Furious 7 was undeniably an outstanding movie. The main message it sends out to the audience is that life is nothing without family. The foundation of all seven movies in this franchise is about a brotherhood and togetherness. No matter what happens in life, nothing will ever take the place of family and no tragedy will EVER tear it apart. Now the infamous question remains…what will happen next?image005

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