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    Issues Surrounding Chief Wahoo and Other Racial Caricatures Used in Sports

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    How the debate over the use of controversial caricatures for sports logos and mascots can be solved By Nathan Perry (St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, Florida)          Racial caricatures have been used as both the logos and mascots for sports teams since the 1800’s and should continue to be the face of collegiate athletic teams and professional […]

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    The Dark Side of the Universe

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Jade D. Pashoian In the universe, more is unknown than known. Everything we experience is only a tiny fraction of reality. All that has been observed by scientists- what we’ve assumed is the actual universe, including all planets, stars, and galaxies- is known as baryonic matter. Baryonic matter makes up less than 5 percent […]

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    The Value of Poetry with Dr. Peter Meinke

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Quentin Doerges On Thursday, April 26th, people gathered around to listen to Dr Peter Meinke, Florida’s Poet Laureate, talk about the value of poetry. In honor of poetry month, Meinke shared a few of his own poems expressing concern for certain crisis’ that surround our society today. Plenty of people showed up to here […]

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    Student Profile: Nathyn Montagano

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Kyle Grosskopf At a recent St. Petersburg College SGA meeting, something political comes up and Nathyn Montagano jumps right in with his two-cents. Montagano, a student at St Petersburg College, is the legislative liaison for the student government association (SGA). He is the director of Legislative staff at Florida College System SGA as well […]

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    The Media Effects of Body Image Among Minority Females

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Renee Mascaro Have you ever felt exhausted by struggling to keep up with society’s standards of beauty? What are society’s standards of beauty anyways and who determines these outcomes? Many women can relate on comparing themselves to models they see on television, the internet, or in magazines. According to the Health Research Funding Organization, […]

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    The Culture of Afro-Latinos

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Ti’Anna Davis Did you know that 24% of the 54 million Hispanics that make up the United States population identify as Afro-Latino? An Afro-Latino is an individual of Latin heritage that derives from African descent. Afro-Latinos come in various sizes, hair textures, accents, and skin complexions. Many people have misconceptions of what an Afro-Latino […]

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    SPC Students Celebrate National Poetry Month

    Out of the Sandbox, SPC Programs & Events

    By Prof. Shelbey Rosengarten Students in Professor Rosengarten’s ENC1102H class at Seminole Campus invite everyone celebrate National Poetry Month, which occurs every April. They gave voice to a range of poems by authors such as Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinson, and Howard Nemerov, with subject matter ranging from historical events to universal experiences. After recording a […]

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The Board of Trustees of St. Petersburg College affirms its equal opportunity policy in accordance with the provisions of the Florida Educational Equity Act and all other relevant state and federal laws, rules and regulations. The college will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or against any qualified individual with disabilities in its employment practices or in the admission and treatment of students. Recognizing that sexual harassment constitutes discrimination on the basis of sex and violates this Rule, the college will not tolerate such conduct. Should you experience such behavior, please contact Pamela Smith, the director of EA/EO/Title IX Coordinator at 727-341-3261; by mail at P.O. Box 13489, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-3489; or by email at eaeo_director@spcollege.edu.


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