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    Poetry: A Collection by Kathy McRee (part 2)

    Out of the Sandbox

    “You and I” I’ve never known love until the beautiful day fate introduced us   “I Promise You” Life is worth living Even through the struggles of it Because we have no idea what The future holds for tomorrow or the rest of our lives The future is like a present Some of the days […]

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    Sonia Plotnick Health Fund Education Grant Deadline Nearing

    SPC Programs & Events

    Sonia Plotnick Health Fund Education Grant Deadline Nearing Gulfport, Florida – April 9, 2019 – For the 3rd year in a row, the Sonia Plotnick Health Fund (SPHF)  is pleased to announce, in coordination and partnership with St. Petersburg College (SPC), its scholarship for a woman seeking a degree in the healthcare field. SPHF offers […]

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    Poetry: A Collection by Kathy McRee (part 1)

    Out of the Sandbox

    “From Dusk to Dawn” The colorful day is bright One thing brings beauty to the sky: daylight But as day fades, here comes twilight And alas, time slows and tires down to midnight “The Greatest Love” What is true love? Is there  such a thing as a greater love that can be received from another? […]

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    [Sea Level] Rise Up: Realities & Opportunities

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Micah Prewitt On Saturday April 6th, 2019, a conference about the recent Fourth National Climate Assessment by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and continued global warming and sea level rise, took place at Saint Petersburg College’s Seminole Campus. Two panels of experts presented their opinions on the impact of rising sea levels […]

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    Panel Discusses Communication in Careers

    SPC Programs & Events

    On April 8, a panel to discuss the importance of strong communication skills was held at the Tarpon Springs Campus. Professor Ned Johnson organized and moderated the event, which was attended by many students, as well as several members of SPC staff and faculty. Panelists included Dr. Christy Powers, Dr. Chris Blaine, and Maura Sweeney. […]

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    The Poet Laureate

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Christine A. Thompson Photographs by Dr. Gregory Byrd As I drove to downtown St. Petersburg, I began to wonder if my small class was experiencing the same emotions I was, those of anticipation may be a little bit of fear and the big one, intimidation. This wasn’t about arriving at a place in St. […]

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    SPC Programs & Events

    By Esteban Correa A film showing from Saint Petersburg College’s Elizabeth Indianos was held on Thursday March 27th. The filmed theatrical production was called Libertaire and described the trials and tribulations of the two men who fought for the construction of the Statue of Liberty. The showing began at 5:00PM in the Lyceum building. The […]

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    SPC Theater Presents: Medea

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Elijah Dennison From March 27 – 31, the St. Petersburg College (SPC) Theater opened its doors to guests for Medea, a Greek tragedy of murderous jealousy and revenge. The event was located in the Arts and Auditorium building on the Clearwater campus and performances began at 7:30 p.m. March 27 – 30 and at […]

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    Clearwater Courtesy Day Celebration

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Lily Grace Zipprer Clearwater campus celebrated National Courtesy Day Thursday, March 21, 2019. Courtesy can be defined as polite behavior, doing something because it is polite and kind, and behavior marked by polished manners or respect for others. These are definitely traits worth celebrating. This event celebrated Courtesy Day by providing free food, crafts, […]

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