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    My Mass Media Life

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Darya Andreyeva Mass Media or the different forms of Mass Media are a designation of the means of daily practice by collecting, processing and distributing messages to mass audiences. It is the way people communicate and share information. The evolution of the world as well as human evolution led to the development of mass […]

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    The Culture Behind Comic Books

    Arts & Entertainment

    By Jacob R. Oldos Today I will be talking about comics. Not the funnies you find in the Sunday paper, but honest to god comics. The comics that have heroes and villains, the comics that speak to us on a level that no other form of media can. These types of comics became popular during […]

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    Change IS Coming to the Mass Comm Program

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Malique Ferrette  For many students here at SPC, namely those interested in pursuing any form of a communications degree, the process of registering for required classes is less than convenient. However, this past Tuesday, Joseph Leopold, the Dean of Communications at the college assured students that change is coming. Students expressed their frustrations with […]

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    Art at the Leepa-Rattner Museum

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Brian Boyer    As some all already know, the Leepa-Rattner Museum is located at the Tarpon Springs campus. There are many vibrant works of art that are collected and shown off here at the museum. I’m not normally the person that goes out and admires art all the time, but when I say that […]

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    Tarpon Springs Food Pantry

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Faith Parlapiano and Kara Martin The Tarpon Springs Food Pantry is now open to all Saint Petersburg College students in need of certain necessities they do not have access to at home. Items contained in the food pantry consist of canned foods such as soups, baked beans, canned vegetables, canned tuna fish, pumpkin pie […]

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    Tarpon Campus Homecoming Kickoff

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Isaac Clark Cool November winds carried the sounds of laughter and excitement across the Tarpon Springs Campus courtyard. The smell of barbecue wafted through the air, mingling with the musk of sweaty flag-football players and gymnasts pulling back-flips and handsprings across the lawn. A bright sun reflected brilliant hues of blue and yellow and […]

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    A Haunted St. Pete

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Annalise Freeman A warm-lit theater surrounded with bumbling voices and eerie music. The scene was set for SPC’s Haunted St. Petersburg for a spooky and educational prelude to Halloween. Students and faculty gathered in to listen to Dr. Brandy B. Stark give a presentation on the ins and outs of paranormal investigation and hauntings […]

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The Board of Trustees of St. Petersburg College affirms its equal opportunity policy in accordance with the provisions of the Florida Educational Equity Act and all other relevant state and federal laws, rules and regulations. The college will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or against any qualified individual with disabilities in its employment practices or in the admission and treatment of students. Recognizing that sexual harassment constitutes discrimination on the basis of sex and violates this Rule, the college will not tolerate such conduct. Should you experience such behavior, please contact Pamela Smith, the director of EA/EO/Title IX Coordinator at 727-341-3261; by mail at P.O. Box 13489, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-3489; or by email at eaeo_director@spcollege.edu.


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