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Movie Review: Brotherly Love

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By Chaniqua Rembert

Set in the city of Philadelphia, Brotherly Love was a good coming of age story. Written and directed by Jamal Hill and produced by Queen Latifa, this movie was a mixture of Westside Story meets Boyz N The Hood. The movie had a young cast, with most of the actors and actresses are in their 20’s.

The film is narrated by Jackie, played by KeKe Palmer. She has dreams of being a singer one day. Then there’s her twin brother Sergio, who is the nation’s number one high school basketball player, played by Eric D. Hill Jr. They are followed by her brother June, played by Cory Hardrict, who’s the oldest. June had to step up to the plate and take care of his siblings and his mom, who is played by Macy Gray, when their father died.

The opening scene of the movie is a homicide that sets off a war between the two sides of Philly. Philadelphia is divided; there is the top of the hill, where the rich kids stay live, and then you have the bottom, where it’s more poverty stricken. However, Overbook High School, which is at the center of it all, brings both sides together.

With the current war that’s going on between the top and the bottom, it’s best that everyone stay on their respective sides until things simmer down. However, Chris, who is played by Quincy Brown, doesn’t feel that way; he has his eyes on Jackie. As Chris tries to convince Jackie that he’s not into the social class war, Jackie struggles because her loyalty lies with her brother, June, who he runs the bottom.

Overall, this movie was better than I expected it to be. I thought that because it had such a young cast it would be kind of juvenile, but it wasn’t, and I was really impressed. What I wanted more from this movie was more of June’s background. You could tell that he was battling with some inner issues in this movie, but they never went into detail about it. I also wanted more from the mother. Macy Gray did a phenomenal job playing her role, I just wanted more of her. Overall it was a pretty good coming to age film. It showed a lot a of what kids go through these days when it comes to love, gangs, violence, and the choices you make in life. This film did the city of brotherly love right.

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