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How to Tell Summer is Among Us

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By Ryann Daddio

If you’re referring to the summer solstice, summer officially begins on June 21 this year, but for most everyone in Florida, it begins in March and does not end until August or September. Some celebrate summer with boating or fishing on a beautiful day, while others plan cookouts, camping trips, and vacations out of town.

What are signs of summer? Birds chirping in the trees, more hours in the day thanks to daylight savings time, and less out-of-town license plates on the roads. The ocean water warms up, the sunset looks just a little bit prettier, and the sand feels much warmer on your toes.  Fresh melon and strawberries fill the markets, as they are most delicious during a hot summer, and fresh buttery corn on the cob is a part of almost every meal. Summer is the time for a water balloon fight, a watermelon seed spitting contest, a picnic in the park, or any sort of outdoor activity. Another sign of summer is electric bills doubling due to blasting air conditioning for all ours that the sun is out. Floridians go through a major wardrobe change from season to season; it turns from winter boots and scarves to flip flops and bikinis every day.

For most college students, summer begins after spring final exams when they are either set loose to enjoy the next few months or forced to buckle down and prepare for a summer semester of classes. Zach Matacchiero, an SPC junior, said, “I enjoy taking summer semesters off of school to either travel places I’ve never been or enjoy the beaches nearby.” Some students take off to vacation, some get a second job, and others just need the break. A lot of students may not take the time off because they want to finish a degree in a smaller amount of time.

Fun places to go during your summer as a college student are beach bars, such as the Postcard Inn, The Pelican Pub, The Getaway, or Daiquiri Deck that actually features a college night on Thursdays. You can rent scooters on the beach or jet skis down at John’s Pass, or take your loved one for a walk on the pier and enjoy the night life down at Clearwater Beach. You can even take a road trip down to other parts of Florida, such as Miami or the Keys; be spontaneous, but be safe!

Summer is a season to be enjoyed with family, friends, and loved ones. Whether it is spent working or relaxing, for many it is still the most enjoyable time of the year. Hop on a boat, a plane out of town, make memories, and do something adventurous with the time given.

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