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The Generation of Sequels

Arts & Entertainment

By Melissa Howard

There are many platforms that offer viewers a way to discover new movies and episodes. Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu are just a few that offer a plethora of choices viewers can pick from to satisfy their appetite for entertainment.

However, in this day and age the creativity of movies has lessened greatly. For instance, Batman has been remade 3 times and has 3-4 sequels following these remakes. D.C. Comics and Marvel are two multi-billion dollar companies that dominate box offices every year a movie is released.

T.V. shows also offer their own style and content, and some movie actors are jumping on this band wagon and appearing in television shows. Kevin Bacon (The Following), James Spader (Blacklist), and Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) are just some actors that have gone from the big screen to T.V. The Walking Dead has an enormous fan base, with 16.1 million viewers that have watched this zombie drama, but Michael Rooker (who plays Merle Dixon), started out in film rather than television. Who is to say that television shows do not dominate the viewing experience?

Some may say the constant need for entertainment by the new, young generation of viewers takes away from the quality of movies and the experience. With a generation that is impatient, it can be hard to satisfy the amount of entertainment younger viewers crave. To combat this, even sequels have prequels in this age of T.V. and movies. It seems whatever is the quickest and easiest method will work perfectly for this generation. Just because the youth want more entertainment, though, doesn’t mean they’re satisfied by anything. “I think I have only seen a handful of remakes that take a classic movie and makes it good; only a handful of what I have seen does the trick,” says John Howard, an SPC student.

Film is an artistic form of expression and brings a common ground of understanding for the viewer. It also can be considered as a niche in our society, therefore if it is trending or popular, it will succeed and generate enough money for the movie making conglomerates.  “The story making process is of extreme importance for the originality and stands out to the person of interest,” as stated by Rachel Johns, a parent. Unoriginal movies are being made because numbers are down and in movies the safest investment companies can make is either in a sequel or a story built from an existing franchise, as stated by Andrew Allen from

Short films can start the creative juices flowing again, which can lead to more ideas for the future. There is still hope yet for this dying enterprise.

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