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Fire In Your Feet : Latin American Culture in Tampa, FL

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By Samantha Maupin

For all of you who love to dance the night away, here is a review of all the Latin venues you know and love. These venues, in the Tampa area, are for adults to enjoy themselves whenever they feel like.

Club Prana

Club Prana has five levels with different selections on each floor. There is different music on each floor, as well as different styles for the venue. They call the fourth floor the “Club Level.” This is where you are going to find the Latin vibe that you’re looking for. This Night Club level is very well known for its lighting and sound. It was voted Tampa Bay’s number one nightclub for that reason. The music is super high energy, as is the dancing.

A local Floridian, Jake Brinson said, “This club is special to me because they have a lot to offer. I enjoy lots of different styles, and they definitely have that here. I come back because every time it feels like a new experience.”

The other floors have names as well. They call the bottom floor “The Lounge.” This. floor has a Hollywood-like feel because of the celebrity style red carpets and more. This floor, as well as the second floor, have house, techno, dance, party, and dubstep as their musical focus. The second floor is called the Mezzanine. The third floor offers Top 40/Hip Hop styles of music. They call this floor “The Sanctuary.” The top floor, “The Sky Bar” features Soca, Reggae, Caribbean, and Hip Hop.

This might be a great venue if you enjoy more than just one style of music. If you don’t enjoy the different kinds of music then this might not be your place. You have to keep in mind that this venue holds a lot of people so getting from one spot to another can be a bit. It has a lot to offer though, that’s for sure.

General Admission is $10, and they are open typically Wednesday to Saturday. The address is 1619 E. 7th Ave. Tampa, Fl 33605. Their phone is (813) 241 – 4139. Check out more information at

The Hyde Park Cafe!/home

Similar to Club Prana, the Hyde Park Cafe has different environments to offer. They have three types of venues that they call the “Wally & Burnies,” “Cafe Courtyard,” and “Velociti.” Every Friday night at The Hyde Park Cafe is Latin night. They host this event in the Velociti room, which brings in a large crowd. This venue is not as large as Club Prana, but it still brings in a crowd.

Sarina Winters said, “I enjoy the Hyde Park Cafe because it always has great DJs. They have different ones on different nights, each having their own style that really changes the mood. I love dancing, so this is a super fun place to go.”

This particular club has happy hour every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday during particular times. Those three days are the only days throughout the week this club is open. The address is 1806 W. Platt St. Tampa, Fl 33606. Check more about this club at the website

Mojito Restaurant and Lounge


The Mojito Restaurant and Lounge is more of a laidback environment for those looking to relax. This restaurant includes great Latin American dishes including, but not limited to, the Anticucho De Carne, the Chimichurri Steak, and the Almejas Y Mejillones.

“This restaurant is different to me because it doesn’t have the upbeat club vibe. It is very relaxing. I’m getting pretty old, so the club scene isn’t really my speed, but this restaurant and lounge has that Latin American vibe that I love without the chaos,” said Sierra Lynn.

This particular location is in the Crowne Plaza Tampa Westshore, so you can come to dine for an evening or spend a week at the hotel. This adds a special element to this venue. This is great is you plan on having a wild week rather than one night out.

You can come check out all that it has to offer at 5303 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33609, USA. Check out more about the Mojito Restaurant and Lounge at

Club Prana has a whole floor for the Latin style dancing, the Hyde Park Cafe has Friday night’s dedicated to Latin dancing, and the Mojito Restaurant and Lounge has Latin fun every night. These are all different from one another, but completely fun.

The flair of Latin dance attracts many beyond its origins. There are a lot of different styles of dancing at these clubs. Some offer Bachata style dancing, which originated in the Dominican Republic. Others offer the Mambo and Cha Cha, which began in Cuba. No matter where you’re from or who you are, you can enjoy these dances. When you’re looking to explore some of these popular dances, it can be hard to find a place that makes you feel welcome.

Hopefully this helps you get an idea of where you’d like to start when diving into Latin American Culture in the Tampa Bay area. Don’t think these are the only places you can check out. In the Bay area you can check out the La Teresita Plus Club, Blue Martini, San Carlos Tavern, and many more. This will just start you off on your exploration.

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