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Movie Review: The Perfect Guy

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By Courtney McClendon

“The Perfect Guy” is a film that shows how stalking and harassment can quickly escalate to something greater than obsessive texting and calling. “I had an ex-boyfriend that would call me repeatedly, so I got my number changed. That was all it took, thank God,” says Thelicia Perry.

The story brings forth the issues of stalking and harassment. The story takes place in Hollywood Hills, California, and was shot mostly at night to create a mysterious appearance. According to Peter Simonite, director of photography, “David (film’s director) wanted the film to be dark.” The lighting compliments the creepy soundtrack composed by Atli Orvarsson and Dave Fleming.

David confronts Carter about stalking Leah. (

David confronts Carter about stalking Leah. (

Sanaa Lathan who plays character Leah Vaughn, a lobbyist, finds herself in the middle of a fatal attraction with whom she thought was the perfect guy, Carter Duncan, played by Actor Michael Ealy. This is a different character than what audiences are used to seeing Lathan play. In this film, she plays the ditsy victim opposed to some of the other characters she’s played before like the determined, head strong Monica Wright (Love & Basketball), Robin (The Best Man), or Andrea Pratt-Bennett (The Family That Preys). Morris Chestnut, who play’s Leah’s ex-boyfriend David King, is as suave and debonair as usual. Michael Ealey, who normally has the women swooning over him, portrayed the “perfect” villain, causing viewers to overlook those piercing blue eyes and wish for his character’s demise. Movie-goer Alicia Sanders said, “I won’t be able to look at Michael Ealy the same after this movie!”

Viewers appreciated the fact that the movie portrayed a female at the top her game working hard and providing for herself versus staying at home depending on a man. Leah is seen on her way to work in her 2016 Cadillac and staying at work through the wee hours of the night during many scenes. She seemed to take her career as a lobbyist very seriously, which sheds light on all the hardworking women of the world. “Leah was a boss, she was about her business,” says Raven Perry.

However, with every movie there are parts that aren’t so great. How could Leah be so smart yet so stupid? For instance, what person in their right mind would stay at home alone in a glasshouse night after night while being stalked by a lunatic? Viewer Trevious Hill says, “Why didn’t she stay at a friend’s house?” Things like that almost made the plot seem unbelievable.

The film is suitable for all races and genders that are of age, since the movie is rated PG-13. There is a lesson to be learned from the movie…. don’t rush into relationships! Take the time to get to know a person before allowing them inside every aspect of your life. This lesson comes out clearly to the viewer. One could even come to this conclusion just by watching the trailer.

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