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On Twitter 11/14 – Lady Titans vs. South Georgia Tech

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by Nicole Paddock

The Lady Titans went up against South Georgia tech, the Lady Jets, on Saturday November 14th . From the moment the game started, the Lady Jets were in the lead. The Titans had their teamwork and communication skills on fire from the beginning of the game from blocking to passing. Unfortunately during the first half of the game, the Titans were constantly missing shots until they finally scored . SPC sophomore #30 Shaquoria Miles made several shots and blocks as well as rising the scoreboard to 3-6 for her team.

Throughout the game, the Lady Jets were extremely aggressive towards the Titans,  receiving up to 10 fouls against them. With all the aggression taking place, the SPC coach was calm while the coach for the Lady Jets wasn’t so thrilled. Second half was  crucial; the Lady Jets were taking hard falls to block shots from the Titans. SPC sophomore #44 Joharra Russell made 2 hoops in a row rising the score 16-22. The titans were getting more determined for the hoops as the game went on. SPC Titans got their first foul during second half.

As the Titans made their second foul, teammates shot 4 hoops in a row rising the score even more to 41-63. SPC freshman #15 Dexshayln Polite took a sudden hard fall to the ground and was taken out of the game for injury. The Titans got a little more aggressive when they saw their teammate was hurt. As the crowd was going wild, the SPC Titans kept their hands up for defense. SPC sophomore #5 Myia Fletcher made her first hoop, while her teammates on the bench were yelling for defense.

At third quarter, SPC Titans were losing at 47-72 with both teams having 5 fouls total. The Lady Jets continue to run back and forth scoring shots against the Titans. SPC #15 Dexshayln Polite and freshman #31 Jazmine Harris had strong defense and communication skills with one another. There were only a few minutes left into the game and the Titans had requested time out to talk with their teammates and coach. Entering back into the game, the crowd was loud and angry. Struggling to get the score raised, there were only a few more shots made by the Titans. Unfortunately, the Lady Jets took the lead, closing out the scoreboard 74-99.

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