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Things to Know About Budgeting

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By Nicole Eubanks, Courtney McClendon, and Nate Lovely

Be financially smart, make wise decisions about your spending to make sure it will last so you are prepared for a rainy day. Here are a few helpful tips from one college student to another that can help avoid excessive spending. These tips may seem hard at first, yet you’re the only one in control of your budget; in order to be successful with your budget we must eliminate anything harmful or that doesn’t help.

  • Make a list of savings and expenditures, try not to spend money on anything unnecessary. Try to buy only what you need. Borrowing or trading books can be very cost effective.
  • If you’re able to responsibly borrow from the library or trade books with peers or friends whom may have or had the same class. Instead of buying books, rent if or when possible
  • If you don’t need it then it can only be what you want, and in order to budget you must figure the importance of what it is and if you really need it or not
  • Apply for scholarships and grants rather than exhausting student loans if or when possible.
  • Avoid using credit cards due to shopping habits, however, every once in a while make a small purchase using your account so that it may be kept in good standings.
  • Avoid cable companies use the more affordable alternatives such as: Chromecast, Roku, etc. All of which include–Netflix, Hulu, Rdio, Pandora and many more entertaining and streaming apps that will save money.
  • Avoid spending costs buy not eating out: buy your groceries and cook your food. Instead of driving every day, carpool and share the load with someone else. Get a job if you don’t have one already! Find a work environment that is willing to work around your student/school schedule

These tips may seem hard at first yet you’re the only one in control of your budget, in order to be successful with your budget we must eliminate anything harmful or that doesn’t help.

What can you eliminate?

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