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We All Scream for Ice Cream at Delectable Delights!

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By Harley Mednick

Who doesn’t like ice cream or other types of desserts? Exactly, not one person doesn’t like desserts! Now think about what ice cream shops also sell other desserts, toys, and candy. Well now there is a store like that! Delectable Delights is a new shop that opened on State Road 54 at 16541 Pointe Village Dr., Suite 110. Lutz, FL 33558. Many of the customers said that they were happy to know the store was finally open. One couple said, “We’ve walked by a few time the past couple of weeks and we’re excited to hear it’s now open. With an owner like Devra Wygant the store has a very welcoming feel to it.

Delectable Delights makes for a perfect location with neighboring restaurants like Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Vallarta’s, Bangkok Sushi and Aquafinz. People can enjoy a nice dinner or lunch at one of these restaurants, then stop by Delectable Delights for a fantastic dessert. Having such a wide variety of desserts makes it hard not to come in.

Along with all your regular ice cream flavors, special flavors include chocolate fudge brownie, salted caramel, cotton candy, and cappuccino kahlua. Preston Wygant replied to these with, “I’m in love with the chocolate fudge brownie!” Having vanilla and peanut butter lactose free ice cream is also a perfect treat for dogs, which are allowed in the store. Even though ice cream is the main item there are other desserts to choose from as well. These desserts include cookies, brownies, muffins, cake pops, and cheesecake. Gordon Rojo, a student at St. Petersburg College Clearwater campus, said, “I’m not big on things like cookies and brownies, but the red velvet cake pops are amazing.”

Who would have ever expected a dessert store to also sell toys? There are not a lot of options but they are still there. People who collect Beanie Babies can buy them here at Delectable Delights. Also children love stuffed animals; it would be a delight to give them one that was knitted by hand. Customers can even order toys such as a mini baking oven with utensils. If you’re having trouble walking out with too many desserts and/or toys, you can even buy a mini shopping cart.

Delectable Delights has a very unique look to it. The store’s ideal view is to have a vintage look. All the furniture such as chairs, tables, and cabinets were painted either tan or light blue with soft streaks of brown to seem antique. It was an amazing job well done by the owner, Devra Wygant, to be able to paint that look. It really makes the old fashion candy feel in place.

On the other hand, there are a couple of down sides to the store. The biggest problem would have to be the size. It’s not too small, but it could be a little bit wider. Customers can still feel comfortable to sit and eat inside. However, some might get a little uncomfortable when others have to squeeze pass them so closely while enjoying dessert. Stephanie Mednick, a third year student at St. Petersburg College Tarpon Springs campus, says, “The size is not a problem. I think the tables may be a bit too big in comparison to the width of the store and all the things in it.” Other than that, Delectable Delights is a great place. Stop on by and enjoy amazing ice cream and other desserts.

Header photo from Delectable Delights Facebook page.

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