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Bahama Buck’s Review: Eat Yellow Sno

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By Lillian Connors

All native Floridians are aware the weather leaves people constantly dehydrated and in need of regular refreshment. It’s easy to find several nearby ice cream parlors to cool you off, but if you’re looking for a unique, mouthwatering treat, Bahama Buck’s is the place to go. Bahama Buck’s is located just off Gunn Hwy in Odessa and is the prime place to swing by after the beach, a hot day out in the sun, or if you’re just craving something sweet.

Say goodbye to your previous snow cone standards, because after trying Bahama Buck’s, you’ll never want an ordinary snow cone again. Their “sno”, or shaved ice is their top seller and their most notable refreshment. Not only do they offer over 90 gourmet flavors of sno, but they carry unusual flavors like birthday cake, pickle juice, and Lucky Charms. The texture of the ice is exceptional to this chain. Snow cones from competitors have coarse, crushed ice, but at Bahama Buck’s, their ice is smooth, fluffy, and shaved to perfection. There is no other explanation to how the sno melts in your mouth! On top of their famous flavors, they also offer 12 super sour flavors and 20 “thin ice” flavors, a favorite for those watching their weight. The thin ice is perfect for wanting a treat but not the guilt of one, considering there are absolutely 0 calories, carbs, sugar, fat and cholesterol. Equally important, Bahama Buck’s also serves other refreshments. They carry delectable smoothies, homemade sodas, “frostalattes”, lemonade, and paradise fruit. Although their snow cones are the most acclaimed sweet treat, you can’t go wrong with any of the alternative options that are just as delicious.

The atmosphere of Bahama Buck’s is incomparable to its snow cone competitors. The entire place has a tropical, island theme to it. Around the walls there are surfboards, portraits of the beach, and a tiki themed shade area over the seats. Although many people choose to sit inside, outside the store there are many colorful benches and even a decorated tree with hundreds of mini umbrellas on it. In the front line where you place your order, they have an abundance of their gourmet flavors on display, as well as an entire wall of flavors behind the counter. If you want to hang around after finishing your treat, there are numerous games that are placed around the area, such as ring toss, tether-ball, and a stack of family fun board games. As well as accomplishing the perfect “Bahamas” environment, they paid attention to small details in their service. The spoons you get with your sno change colors due to the coldness of the ice. The sno also comes with a complimentary mini umbrella to top it off.

The “avalanche crew” at Bahama Buck’s does everything in their power to fulfill customer’s needs. They are not only knowledgeable about the flavors, but they are polite, hardworking, and friendly. In addition to the great customer service, the prices at Bahama Buck’s are very reasonable. You can purchase a regular sized shaved ice treat for under $5, but the higher the portions are, the higher your price will be. For more information about the prices, store hours, and flavors, you can visit Bahama Bucks’ website to check out what they have in store for you.

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