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Illegal Immigration: Two Student Views

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By Ti’Anna Davis

Studies have shown that there were 11 million unauthorized illegal residents in the United States in 2015. As years have passed the rate has increased. Many jobs are being occupied by the illegal residents, leaving United States citizens without well-paying

Is it fair for the United States to support the illegal residents, which makes it difficult for taxpaying citizens to make a living? No. Also, it is not justifiable to remove illegal residents out of the United States all together.

The government must create a supportive and effective program that monitors illegal residents who seek work and help them fulfill proper ways of becoming a legal citizen. For those who do not wish to comply with the program, then there must be consequences such as deportation. But, to immediately remove all illegal residents out of the United States is unrealistic and should not be viewed as a political tool.

By Renee Mascaro

Why do people come here illegally?

Imagine living in a country where you go to sleep every night to the sound of bombs and shootings. A country that is far undeveloped and life-threatening.

No, not every illegal immigrant comes here with moral expectations. However, it is not fair to associate all illegal immigrants as criminals, job-stealers, or Mexicans. According to the Population Association of America, there are roughly 11 million unauthorized immigrants here in the U.S. and only 1.1 million have been convicted of a crime or a felony. There are illegal  immigrants in this country who are loving families, willing to take those jobs that no one wants, who stay out of trouble, and just want a better and safer life for themselves and their children.

Instead of rushing to kick every undocumented immigrant out of our country, how about we deal with the illegal immigrants who came here and committed felonies as our focus in the discussion and help those who just want a better quality of life, towards citizenship. During the long process of gaining citizenship, there are also different statuses that undocumented immigrants may not know they can claim to help stay in the United States legally such as asylum or Temporary Protected Status.

We can help make a difference for this vulnerable population by educating ourselves and others on immigration and help organizations that fight for those who are silenced.

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