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Surviving the First Week, and Survival Guide for the Next

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By Ryan Carmer

Congrats fellow Titans for making it upon the return from the much needed winter break to rejuvenate our mind sets, habits, and overall wellness. Hopefully this time there’s something a bit different we can all bring to the table for Spring Semester that we struggled with during the fall! I’m here to provide a few insights from my previous college experiences that will surely have a great impact on the we way we can persevere and conquer the next upcoming weeks together.


First and fore most, you can’t go wrong with better organization! Honestly! It’s not rocket science. This can be achieved by, well… anything to help you to be better organized. Start effectively using a planner! I know for sure SPC hands out their personalized planners for free and you can do whatever you want with it, so by all means MARK. IT. UP! Your phone even has a calendar in which you can set reminders, times, and events for certain days. They’re not called smart phones for nothing! Personally my favorite would have to be a dry erase calendar. Every month I color coordinate my schedule whether that includes class times, work schedule, bills, and most importantly time we all can relate a struggle on… a social life. Of course organization doesn’t just happen over night, it’s self discipline. Once you get yourself going and motivated it will make the semester a lot easier, not to mention you’ll see how much free time you really have. Maybe you’ll even take up that extra express course to get closer to that degree of yours!

Stress Control

Yes, the “S” word, I said it. I cannot begin to express how many melt downs I have had this week. That’s right three… Stress is inevitable! We all experience different levels than one another, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways we can become less of the “S” word. Some activities that may subject to help but not all can involve a quick run. Get your blood flowing, not is it just a way to stay active, but mentally getting your mind off of one topic it could release unnecessary tension that you’re experiencing! Scents are also a great way to relieve stress! Wait? You’re telling me smelling things can make me less stressed?… Yes! scents of lavender, and peppermint are one of the most common scents to ease stress and depression, who knew essential oils could be that essential! Yoga and meditation are a great well balanced activity to a healthy spirit! Finding your inner Chakras can release tension, anxiety, and stress from the mind, making it helpful to think clearly, and openly! I know for a fact last year SPC held an event called goat yoga where you actually did yoga with goats! Something about doing the downward dog with a goat by your side already sounds less stressful.

Study Habits

Studying? You mean cramming the night before the exam? NO! This is not the way to do it Titans. Didn’t we just go over organization ideas and stress relief? As a student, study habits are by far my weak my point. Luckily over the semesters here at SPC I have overcame this adversity to shed some light on this matter. For starters pay attention in class! Effectively taking notes can go a long way! Always be aware of the subject you’re going to be tested on. Always record your information, sometimes people store in more information by reading and writing it down rather than reading an excerpt five minutes before class actually starts! Another way to an effective study lifestyle is to isolate yourself from ALL distractions! Yes, even if your friends invite you to their party on Fortnite. Try going to the school library which has an excellent support staff and tutors, or even a public library the results of how much you actually get done in a quiet environment may surprise you! Importantly remind yourself why you’re in college in the first place, to do something you passionately love to do. Nothing sets a bigger motive than the future you look forward and the career you’re about to posses.


Let’s make this our semester where we eliminate disorganization, stress, and lack of better study habits because just like it is a new year, it is a new you! Challenging yourself to be the best you can be this semester will uplift you mentally and physically. No matter what you do that will effectively help you succeed this semester just remember like they say in High School Musical, “We’re all in this together.”

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