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Poetry: A Collection by Kathy McRee (part 1)

Out of the Sandbox

“From Dusk to Dawn”

The colorful day is bright

One thing brings beauty to the sky: daylight

But as day fades, here comes twilight

And alas, time slows and tires down to midnight

“The Greatest Love”

What is true love? Is there

 such a thing as a greater love

that can be received from another?

Can you imagine someone who

knows everything you’ve ever

done and will do – the good

and the bad – and still decided to

 love you? No human being can perfectly

love another no matter how hard one tries. How can an imperfect person love someone completely and wholeheartedly? We all are longing for something in this world as if there is a hole in our hearts that wants to be filled. But the world has left me empty. I’ve searched and sought after something for so long that I’ve finally realized that nothing can ultimately fulfill me. So what is it? What can complete the whole in my heart? Who could perfectly love the imperfect person that I am? But I’m reminded of who Jesus is and what He did for

me. Jesus, who is God, knows

everything that I’ve done, the good

and the bad, and decided before I drew

my first breath that He would love me.

I didn’t deserve this and neither did

anyone else due to sin, but Jesus didn’t

care about what we deserved and loved

 us anyway. Because of our sin, the once

complete relationship between God and

humanity was broken from the very beginning.

But He made a way for it to be mended by

sending His Son, Jesus, who knew not what

sin was, but took our sin upon Himself and

took the punishment we all deserved because of our

sin. He was accused of a crime He did not commit,

was betrayed, and died a horrific death with

nails holding him to a cross. And He willingly

went through with all of this for you. But it doesn’t

end there. For after being dead for three days

He became alive again and defeated death

because He is God. He mended the destroyed

relationship between mankind and Himself by

sacrificing Himself for us. Is this perhaps

true love? Is this the greatest love?

“To the unknown (with English and Korean)”

I saw my first 유성(shooting star)

It glimmered over the Hidden Forest which drew my attention to a sudden lyrist

Her music almost lulled me to sleep, for nothing was wrong

I traveled off the beaten path to give into my curiosity of the 특이성(uniqueness)of the forest


Although it was near night,

The 별빛(starlight) guided me throughout the enchanted 백일몽(daydream)

I looked towards the sky and noticed the twilight

And felt a sense that this is where I belong


And as 인연(fate) would have it,

I stumbled upon a fairy

But this was not a counterfeit

For her dress was made from the leaves of rosemary


I sadly had to leave, for the night grew on

But I hope to live this 끔(dream) again soon, for this is where I am drawn


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